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shanghai sanxiang building materials processing co., ltd. is a subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd.  it has a registered capital of 15 million yuan and a fixed asset investment of nearly 10 million yuan. it is a professional doors & windows processing and installation company, integrated with aluminum alloy, plastic doors & windows manufacturing and installation, and is a certified and approved class i professional contractor for metal doors & windows engineering and class iii professional contractor for curtain construction and wall engineering.

the company has assembled a team of nearly 150 senior engineers, with many different types of professional engineers and technical workers. it also possesses advanced plastic steel and aluminum alloy doors & windows production and processing equipment, implementing computer management for all its manufacturing, sales, and installation of doors & windows, is equipped with sophisticated detection instruments, and has an annual production capacity of 150,000 m2. through it continuous practice tests over the past over 10 years since its founding, a complete set of quality assurance and sales service systems have been established, and the iso9001: 2000 quality management system certification was awarded in september 2003. in 2009, the company introduced the german "schuco" doors & windows system, with a full range of professional equipment, fully absorbing its advanced technology. this system has a complete set of established technical specifications and has its own unique developmental advantages, including a rapid development in business volume.

since its establishment, the company has created and reaped substantial economic benefits and has been widely recognized by all sectors of society. the company has completed the production and installation of aluminum alloy doors & windows (handrails) for dozens of projects, such as the lotus garden, the sanxiang garden, the sanxiang flower garden, the sanxiang century garden, the sanxiang four season blossom, sanxiang haishang, sanxiang future coast, the sanxiang seven star mansion, huating xinyuan, the waterfront luxurious house, the yifeng garden, the zhonghuang plaza, the college of information security of shanghai jiao tong university, the east china university of political science and law songjiang campus, zhejiang zhoushan bihai lianyuan, the nanjing changyang garden, the nanjing vocational college of information technology, and zhongshan runyuan, etc. in addition, it produced and installed aluminum doors and windows, handrails, and other engineering at the sanxiang haishang fortune mansion, the sanxiang hysoul cloud mansion, and at other large-scale real estate projects currently under construction.

the company always takes the enterprising spirit of "unity and integrity, diligence and dedication, pioneering and innovative"; adheres to the business philosophy of "shape first-class quality, pursue a reasonable cost, provide perfect service"; and pursues the goal of "complete a project, set up a monument, make some friends". we will provide you with efficient, energy-saving, low-carbon, noise-reducing doors & windows by means of our professional technology and great effort.

company tel.: (86)21-65361223

add.: 6f, no. 333 yixian road, yangpu district, shanghai

factory add: no. 555, fengyong road, qingcun town, fengxian district, shanghai

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