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shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd. (listed company, the stock code is 000863, and the stock is referred to as “sanxiang impression”). the company is centered in the real estate industry, integrates construction and installation, building materials processing, decoration and design, real estate services, advertising, communication, and property management into one. the company has four national class-a licenses including real estate development, property services, metal doors and windows engineering, and decoration construction. the company is the standing director of the china real estate association, the vice president company of the shanghai real estate industry, and the vice president company of the shanghai green building association. the company has won honors such as making the lists of china’s top 100 real estate enterprises, the top 50 real estate enterprises in shanghai, national creditable units, shanghai civilized units, etc., and won the shanghai may lst labor medal in 2014. the company’s registered trademark, “sanxiang co., ltd.” is among the well-known trademarks in china.

the company’s large-scale real estate projects are mainly concentrated in shanghai, involving residential, commercial, office, and serviced apartments, etc. the real estate representative of the company includes sanxiang four season blossom, sanxiang commercial plaza, shanghai sanxiang haishang, sanxiang seven star mansion, sanxiang future coast, nanxiang · sanxiang forest curio, zhangjiang ·sanxiang haishang, chongming · sanxiang forest curio, etc. the company has also invested and participated in the construction of sanxiang haishang garden in shenzhen, and east of jingdong has developed and constructed the sanxiang forest curio in the yanjiao national hi-tech development zone. the company has achieved a national distribution in the yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, and the circum-bohai-sea.

the company actively explores avenues for scientific and technological innovation in its enterprise development, is committed to developing energy conservation, environmental protection, and green real estate, and has made a positive effort and useful contributions to the living of a healthy life. in recent years, the company has continued to introduce advanced green technology residential development concepts, to improve its residential functions, and took the lead in the implementation of high-rise residential “integration of solar energy and architecture”, in addition to leading the r&d on apply air cleaning systems in residential construction. the company has received ten innovative technology national patents, and “integration of solar energy and architecture” won the “third award” of the shanghai science and technology progress. the company’s developed real estate has been honored as an “excellent project”, and won the ministry of construction well-off habitation demonstration project of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, the national grade 3a residential, china green building three-star certification, the shanghai quality project “magnolia” award, and the gold award of the shanghai outstanding residential selection.

the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of “whole-process service, comprehensive, excellent service; cultivate faithful, sincere, life-long customer”, which consciously integrates social responsibility into the lifeblood of enterprise development, while adhering to its responsibility to its shareholders, its customers, its staff, and to its environmental and social development.

from excellence to further greatness is the difficult, long, and passionate path ahead. the company will continue to aggregate talent, its market and financial advantages, its well-polished and steady accumulation, in addition to building its brand strength on a sound scale, with great strides forward on the road of sustainable development.

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