deputy mayor peng chenlei and deputy secretary-general zhao zhuping from shanghai municipal government, district chief xue kan from yangpu district government, and their party visit sanxiang impression for inspection of epidemic prevention and resumption of production


in the morning of march 4th, deputy mayor peng chenlei and deputy secretary-general zhao zhuping from shanghai municipal government, district chief xue kan and deputy district chief li yaping from yangpu district government, several officials of relevant authorities of shanghai municipality and yangpu district, and their party visited the company. mr. xu wenzhi, sanxiang’s chairman & gm, mr. chen jinsong, sanxiang’s director & sanxiang holding’s vp, mr. huang jian, sanxiang’s director & deputy gm, and mr. xu yu, sanxiang's depute gm attended the meeting. 

at the beginning of the meeting, mr. xu, gm of sanxiang, briefly introduced the development course and basic information of the company . 

- deputy mayor peng chenlei  -

after hearing the report, deputy mayor peng chenlei said congratulations to sanxiang for its achievements made these years, and extended his gratitude for sanxiang’s impressive contributions in collecting epidemic prevention supplies and organizing its affiliated property company to fight the epidemic during this special period. and then, he got more information about the company’s situations such as the employees’ returns, degree of the impact of the epidemic on the projects and challenges in the restart of the operation, as well as the implementation of a series of national and municipal policies launched during the epidemic prevention and control period to facilitate the business development, and the supports and assistances for production and operation; he also listened to sanxiang’s feedback and realization on the preferential policies about some areas such as tax reduction, subsidies, simplified review and approval procedures, and financial support.

deputy mayor peng chenlei pointed out that, this in-depth visit to enterprises was to better implement the spirit of a series of important instructions from the central and municipal governments. he hoped that sanxiang impression would effectively and timely push for both of works: epidemic protection and resumption of production, to make greater contributions to the achievement of the two objectives- epidemic prevention and control, as well as economic and social development. 

- deputy secretary-general zhao zhuping -

according to district chief xue kan, the cpc committee and the government of the district attach great importance to the resumption of production of local enterprises and will work with enterprises to formulate personalized solutions to their specific difficulties in next steps to effectively reduce their burdens and protect and promote their development. 

- district chief xue kan from yangpu district government -

- deputy district chief li yaping from yangpu district government -

on behalf of sanxiang impression, mr. xu extended his sincere thanks for the visit of deputy mayor peng chenlei and his party, and the supports and assistances of the municipal and district governments these years, and reported the challenges such as project personnel’s return, material transfer and housing sales in the real estate sector, as well as the difficulties in normal live performance for tourists in the cultural sector during the epidemic prevention and control period. 

- mr. xu wenzhi, sanxiang’s chairman & gm -

mr. xu briefly introduced the measures the company had taken for epidemic prevention and control early in the epidemic outbreak. so far these measures include: first, the company has raised two batches of epidemic prevention supplies through multiple channels (including 410,000 masks, 24,000 disposable medical pp non-woven clothing, 1,800 disposable medical protective caps, and 4,600 disposable medical round caps); secondly, the company has exempted the merchants of its own property from one-month rent; thirdly, the affiliated property company has been working with the employees and volunteers of the street office, the neighborhood committee and  the community in epidemic prevention and control so that there is no any case of infection with covid-19 in its property; thirdly, considering the possible shocks of capital market due to the epidemic, the company has taken a series of measures to stabilize its stock price. mr. xu also said, in the future, the company would specify work plans, make careful preparations and effectively push for its business based on the actual situation to contribute to the achievement of the city’s goals – the four centers (including international economic center, international financial center, international trade center and international shipping center) and the world’s first comprehensive global metropolis in the future. 

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