sanxiang property helps orderly production resume by fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control


since the outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic, an epidemic prevention and control war to protect public life and health has started. among all the walks of life fighting against the epidemic, property services are playing a vital role on the first line of defense.

for the health and safety of its owners, shanghai sanxiang property services co., ltd. (“sanxiang property”), a subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd., immediately joined the epidemic prevention and control action. from many different aspects, including environmental maintenance, self-protection, and service guarantees, sanxiang property has truly undertaken and fulfilled its responsibilities for prevention and control actions that ensure its owners and residents feel comfortable, peaceful, and warm.

in the face of the epidemic, all of sanxiang property’s employees relinquished their spring festival vacations, and strictly fought on the front line, actively collaborating with government authorities and neighborhood committees to develop strict epidemic prevention measures. from publicizing and guiding epidemic prevention and control to implementing epidemic prevention measures, they have been fighting for the health and safety of their owners and residents with a steadfast sense of responsibility.

 in the aspect of publicity and guide , via different platforms and channels such as owners’ wechat groups, “circle of friends” and bulletin boards of community, sanxiang property is releasing the latest epidemic information, epidemic prevention points, reminding owners of epidemic prevention knowledge, publicizing methods to prevent infection of covid-19, publicize knowledge of viruses, and promote precautionary measures.


furthermore, sanxiang property has strengthened the disinfection work in the public areas of the community, including the elevators, stepladders, and public seats in crowded areas. it has strengthened the management of the sorting and disposal points for domestic waste, and has cleaned and disinfected the garbage bin rooms and garbage cans in the community to cover every blind spot. the company’s employees take turns on duty 24 hours a day to monitor and register the body temperatures of people entering and leaving. for express delivery services, sanxiang property has designated employees to receive and manage deliveries at the entrances of the community. in addition, to manage people returning from sensitive areas, sanxiang property is working with the residents’ committee to create home isolation with observation for 14 successive days, providing disinfection services every day, and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables to eliminate the worries of the residents. in response to the business needs among the owners of commercial projects, the company has immediately discouraged them and obtained their understanding and agreement to postpone opening. sanxiang property’s efforts and anti-epidemic actions have been recognized, encouraged, and honored by government. 

measure the body temperature of the people coming to and leaving the community, and provide careful disinfection of the buildings



provide disinfection of public areas




measure body temperatures and register visitors



with merchants successively returning, sanxiang property has actively preparing to maintain the safety and security of its commercial buildings. the company has convened advance meetings and trainings for property service staff, has formulated detailed support measures for its buildings, and has made every effort to sterilize and disinfect its commercial buildings, including the lobbies, garages, elevators, and other areas. moreover, sanxiang property’s has designated employees to measure the body temperatures of the people coming to and leaving the buildings, and requires them to fill in their health information and intention, as well as measuring their body temperatures and registering visitors. for express delivery services, sanxiang property provides receiving, management, and other services to make every effort for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and to organize the resumption of normal production. 

seriously complete thesterilization and disinfection workin each community


conduct the organized management, registration, and claiming of express deliveries


taking responsible for the safety of its owners, its employees, and society, we are guarding the health and safety of our owners and residents day and night. our property service personnel are working with the spirit of sacrifice, and we will continue to fight hard on the front line of community epidemic prevention and control, and make our best efforts to contribute to the success of epidemic prevention and control.

in the past, we defeated sars in china and ebola in africa. one day we will also make the coronavirus epidemic situation history! we have great confidence in this!

friendly tips fromsanxiang property 

epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility. we should wear masks and wash our hands frequently. we should actively take various protective measures, strengthen our self-protection measures, pay attention to indoor environmental hygiene and air circulation, and minimize our activities in public places with poor air circulation or in dense crowds. 

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