sanxiang impression will donate 410,000 surgical masks and exempt merchants from one month of rent


facing the outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic, sanxiang impression co., ltd. (sanxiang impression”)has been closely following this critical situation. after learning about the extreme shortage of professional medical supplies like masks, the company urgently contacted its domestic and foreign partners and purchased 410,000 medical masks from europe. these materials are on their way to china and will help to alleviate the shortage of front-line medical supplies and help to effectively fight this epidemic.

at the same time, sanxiang impression has exempted the tenants of the company and its holding subsidiaries from their rent from january 24 to february 23.

here, all members of sanxiang impression pay their respect to the hardworking and dedicated medical personnel and the staff directly fighting the coronavirus epidemic in every industry. we believe that we will definitely be able to eliminate this epidemic!

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