fearless youth, pursuing dreams and showing their power - the sanxiang impression new year’s fun sports meeting


with the coming new year, everything is following the new year's pace and getting ready to recover.     

in order to promote a healthy and harmonious corporate culture and enrich the personal cultural life of its employees, sanxiang impression co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: sanxiang impression) held its annual new year’s fun sports meeting, which included various group events such as chess, card games, and ball games. let ’s read on to feel the sportsmanship of sanxiang people!

look at these four handsome and attractive guys playing badminton with their strong and vigorous posture! !

"who says women are inferior to men?" watch how i calmly receive a shot and serve the ball. maybe i could go to the olympics as an athlete if i were willing to take a few years to practice carefully!

this, this ... this handsome guy has a king in his hands, is it possible he thought it would be nice to have another king? if it happened, that would be great!

it is said that the editor also participated in the game of go, but was unfortunately eliminated in the second round, wuh, wuh, wuhhh t..t

roll the dice! hoping to roll a six and let me take just a few more steps

the editor whispered to you that you could "fly", but whether you can hit the target is still uncertain

can everyone try to guess whether or not the goal was scored?

let’s work together to win the first prize.

look, is this posture for receiving the ball standard? you can guess whether the ball in the air scored or not.

look at this young lady's beautiful posture for jumping rope! it was said that they also won the second prize.

the editor felt that this handsome guy was like a new generation of ronaldo with his famous pendulum and easy demeanor when playing sports.

these two little brothers look pretty burly, so the editor silently thought that their team must win first place in the tug of war, but ...

they all look so serious about the game. as expected, more serious men are the most attractive.


chinese chess is the cultural treasure of the chinese nation, and the two seniors involved in this game look particularly skilled.

hey-hey-hey, it's not bad to take second place. holding their prizes in hands, everyone was very delighted.

look at the team winning that won the first prize in the tug-of-war, i’m worried their trophy is too heavy to carry home, and whether i need to give them a hand. ha ha ha!

the award ceremony for the photography competition of sanxiang impression, themed on “love china, the grand beauty of sanxiang”, was also held during the games.

take a photo with your award certificates and the bonuses from the photography competition.  

from the beginning to the end of the games, every athlete and every team participating in the competition have been deeply inspiring the staff present. breathing the same air, sharing the same fate. cheer up, shout “hurray”, and applaud each other. the laughter at the event rose above all the other sounds, reflecting everyone’s great enthusiasm and their rediscovery of childlike feelings. this fun sports meeting has enhanced the cohesion between the departments, increased the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities, and promoted communication between the departments. it built a stage for the employees to show their talent, enhance their friendships, and hone their willpower, while also providing a platform for “happy and healthy sports”.      

sanxiang people, by relying on their strength and team spirit, have shown their own style and levels through these games, achieving a double harvest of spiritual civilization and sports performance. the great games, with a little fun and innocence added, enabled the employees to experience the happiness of sports, the joy of competition, and the satisfaction of participation, while cultivating their awareness of rules and team spirit, and inspiring their potential in sports. it was not only a demonstration of the psychological quality, physical quality, and sports level of the employees, but also an opportunity to observe their organizational discipline and spiritual outlook.     

the fun games ended in cheers, but the lofty, collective spirit displayed by the athletes and the staff in the games, especially the referees, is worth following. we will take these games as a new beginning, packing up, and getting ready to start anew. “to be diligent and earnest people, and to work cautiously and conscientiously”, and strive for the goal of “higher, faster, stronger” together with sanxiang!


looking back at 2019, we are so proud, looking forward to 2020, we are full of confidence.

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