a beautiful story of light and shadow in the heart: ——the "love china, beautiful sanxiang” photography competition comes to a successful conclusion


in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of china, sanxiang impression held a photography competition with the theme of “love china, beautiful sanxiang”. sanxiang personnel used their mobile phones and cameras to frame beautiful pictures or wonderful moments in both the motherland and the company. the competition collected 78 works, both grand and subtle. through the lens, these photographs bear witness to the synchronous development of the company and the times in a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and multi-level way, as well as expressing the chinese dream and the feelings of sanxiang personnel.

according to the level of conformity with the theme and the quality of the photos, the best online popularity award, the second award, the third award, and the encouragement award were finally generated following the preliminary, the semi-finals, and the finals of the strict selection process. congratulations to the winners! the vacancy for this year’s first award raises our expectations to next year! thanks to everyone for their strong support of this photography event, and we hope you meet with great happiness in 2020!

list of winning works:

 the best online popularity award: 《memory》

     the second award: 《taste of xiang - river》, 《baidi mountain, and water》, 《i love china》



the third award: 《home coming art troupe》,《wuzhen’s night》 , 《butterfly love light》


the encouragement award:

《beautiful huangpu river》、《spiritual fortress》、《vip view on the 18th floor》、《yuhuan in little town》、《rising light by the lake》、《never forget to forge ahead with your original heart》、《zhuzhou tv tower》、《climbing and overlooking》、《red jade belt》.

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