sanxiang impression: creating life-long living experiences and value for owners


recently, the “21st china housing fair of green china ? core real estate cihaf2019”, hosted by china real estate news, the china real estate network, the china real estate think tank, and the organizing committee of the china housing fair was held in beijing. sanxiang impression co., ltd. (sanxiang impression) was honored as an “innovative green development enterprise in 2019” at the forum, and the shanghai sanxiang curio fudi (zhangjiang·sanxiang curio) won a place on the “top ten green projects in 2019”.

with the implementation and continuous promotion the relevant policies of the “no speculation in real estate” initiative, real estate is gradually returning to being residential property. the people’s demand for improving their living and quality of life is becoming stronger and stronger. healthy, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly housing with green technology has aroused the common concern of consumers and the industry.

as one of the top 100 real estate enterprises in china and one of the top 50 real estate enterprises in shanghai, since its establishment in 1996 sanxiang impression has continuously adhered to its enterprise mission of “promoting excellent traditional culture, navigating green-technology real estate, and boosting regional economic development”.

the company adheres to the principles of green-technology real estate, paying attention to green concepts in the development of its projects. it also focuses on the overall planning in the three stages of design, construction, and operation according to the concepts of “passive energy savings, active energy increase, health, and intelligence”. in addition, it implements the standards for green construction, and has the ultimate goal of building healthy, comfortable, and high-quality living environments .

in recent years, sanxiang impression has made great progress in the r&d and innovation of green-technology buildings. the company has taken the lead in implementing “ solar energy integrated buildings” for its high-rise residential buildings, and in developing and applying “indoor air purification” with haze-proofing and haze-removal effects, as well as in the large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation for low-rise residential buildings. furthermore, it has realized “self-generating and self-using, residual electricity on the internet” and has developed the three major technologies of “solar energy integrated buildings”, “ indoor air purification integrated buildings”, and “home automation”, winning nearly 20 national patents.

many of the company’s projects won the gold award of shanghai excellent residence, shanghai energy saving demonstration project, shanghai construction project magnolia award, and other honors. among them, nanxiang·sanxiang forest curio won the second prize at the “national green building innovation awards”, and the hangzhou sanxiang impression·forest curio simultaneously won the “double three-star” project for green three-star and healthy three-star design logos. in 2015, the company joined the dgnb (german sustainable building development committee) and was elected as a member of the dgnb china executive committee.

sanxiang impression fully combines the geographical and climatic characteristics of the project area, following a technical system of “green healthy”, and has completed the integration of multiple technologies to improve the overall quality. through the integrated application of innovative green design techniques, products, and technologies, sanxiang impression has finally achieved its goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has also accumulated valuable experience for the construction of similar projects. the company’s efforts over the years have been widely recognized, promoting the sustainable development of the domestic construction industry. in terms of building energy conservation, healthy environments, building intelligence, and other aspects, the promotion and application of its new technology has played a positive role, with an enormous demonstration effect and social and economic benefits.


the company will continue to adhere to its developmental direction of “green-technology real estate”, guided by the concept of a “good house is for living”, while paying attention to the market demand from multiple perspectives during the initial product planning, thereby fulfilling its aim of creating life-long living experiences and value for its owners.

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