with “green, technology and health” as the developmental source, we are contributing to the construction of a "beautiful china”


on november 15th, held the 2019 beijing summit forum for the innovation and development of china's listed companies in the financial industry with the theme of “be good, better, and upward”, and holding the “dia gold award” value selection award ceremony. hundreds of excellent listed companies, institutional investors, and industrial investment funds both at home and abroad, authoritative media, and other parties attended this event, which assembled the upstream and downstream resources in the industry, connected ideas and resources, and released value and strength.

taking the annual period as the selection time, the “dia gold award” first extracts relevant data, including business indicators, financial conditions, investor relations, brand building and other fields, and then researches a company’s performance in different dimensions such as transformation and upgrading, technological innovation, business innovation, and social contributions, thereby discovering its corporate value, evaluating its corporate achievements, and praising its corporate contributions. after a rigorous review, sanxiang impression co., ltd. (, hereinafter referred to as: sanxiang impression) won the environmental contribution award for listed companies at the 2019 “dia gold awards”.

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it was proposed in the 19th cpc national congress that fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention was one of the three major battles in comprehensively building a prosperous society, and the target date of 2020 is approaching. at the same time, major strategic layouts such as "beautiful china" and the “blue sky protection campaign” have also entered a critical period. listed companies have become an important driving force for the transformation of the economy from high-speed development to high-quality development.

since its establishment, sanxiang impression has continually adhered to the principles of “green, technology and health” as the source of its development, and always focuses on building quality life according to high standards and environmental protection. the company has successfully created highly influential standardized product systems, gradually upgrading from being a “green technology builder and technology integrator” to a “service provider for green, smart life” .

(the environmental contribution award for chinese listed companies at the “dia gold awards” of 2019)

over the years, sanxiang impression has adhered to it path of green technology real estate, and has followed the developmental concept of “passive energy conservation, active energy increase and health intelligence”. in addition, it attaches great importance to the uniform implementation of green building standards in the design, construction, and operation stages of its projects, and has the ultimate goal of creating healthy, comfortable and high-quality living environments. the nanxiang·sanxiang forestcurio won the second prize of the national green building innovation awards, and several projects have won the green three-star design label, the shanghai excellent residential gold award, the shanghai energy conservation demonstration project classification, and other awards. the hangzhou sanxiang impression · forestcurio is also a "double three-star” project that won both the green three-star and healthy three-star design labels at the same time.

in the future, the company will continue to innovate and optimize the development of its primary industry, starting with meeting the needs of the people's increasingly beautiful life, while also establishing the developmental strategy of “accelerating the development of the cultural industry, steadily developing the real estate industry, and promoting the integration of the two industries”, and further developing and clarifying green technology. it follows developmental concepts for the bidirectional empowerment of its cultural boutique ip. at the same time, the company will actively respond to the development principle in which “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, thus making the relationship between cities and the environment more harmonious, and contributing to the construction of a "beautiful china".

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