continuing to carry out targeted training activities that strengthen confidence and recreate brilliance


in order to improve the professional knowledge and skill level of the employees and engage them in having a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of “culture real estate”, the main business of sanxiang impression co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “sanxiang impression”), the company has especially organized and held a targeted training activity themed on "building consensus, strengthening confidence, forming synergies, and recreating brilliance". in order to ensure that the training achieves excellent results without affecting the company’s normal operations, this targeted training activity is to be carried out in batches and phases. 

on september 12th, the first phase of the activity was held. the participants were mainly senior personnel above the deputy position from the company's various departments and each subordinate unit, as well as the brand promotion department and other relevant personnel. the first phase of the training has achieved excellent results, with the participants responding enthusiastically. 

from september 20th to 26th, the company concentrated on the second phase of the targeted training activity. the assistant general manager of sanxiang impression and the chairman and general manager of impression wonders, wang wei, the assistant general manager of sanxiang impression, wang kuixing, the general manager of the human resources department, li gang, the office director, wei liangzhong, and others, made a special trip to impression wonders arts development co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as impression wonders). the yanjiao project department of shanghai sanxiang building decoration engineering co., ltd., the shanghai headquarters, hangzhou sanxiang impression real estate co., ltd., and other subsidiaries provided detailed explanations to all participating employees about general issues of concern, including professional knowledge like information disclosure for listed companies, the questions in the annual inquiry letters, and the latest developments in the real estate and cultural industry. the presenters interacted with the employees and answered the questions that some raised. in order to consolidate the training results, the human resources department organized the participating employees to take tests after each training session. 


(organized training at impression wonders on september 20)                       (impression wonders test site on september 20)


(organized training in yanjiao, hebei on september 21)                       (yanjiao, hebei test site on september 21)


(organized training in shanghai on september 25)                          (shanghai test site on september 25)


(organized training in hangzhou on september 26)                            (hangzhou test site on september 26)

all the sanxiang impression employees who participated in the second stage of the training said that they received substantial benefit from it. through this training, the participating employees learned more about the company's development strategy and the latest developments in its various business areas. the participants in the training said that everyone should focus on the company's strategic direction and work together to follow the company and develop together. they learned about combining one’s personal values with the company’s values, giving full play to subjective initiative, strengthening confidence, continuing to work with the company, staying true to the mission, forging ahead, and recreating brilliance! 

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