2019 sanxiang impression’s "curio music corridor" series concert reaches a successful conclusion


paying tribute to 70 years of glory, and highlighting the best moments of the motherland in song     

this performance coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of people’s republic of china. in these 70 years, the world has witnessed the transformation and rise of this great eastern country, and we here in the wonderful land of china will never forget this extraordinary journey!

from may to october, sanxiang impression co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“sanxiang impression”) joined hands with the propaganda department of the party committee of hangzhou jianggan district, the administration of culture (radio, film and television), tourism and sports of jianggan district, and jianqiao street of jiangqiao district, to organize a public benefit project for qiantang culture, the "curio music corridor" impression series concert. the event had world-class musicians and friends gathering together, and eight classical concerts with different themes that continued for two consecutive seasons on the curio community stage.

concert scene

the melodies and songs of world-class musicians, with the singers’ voices resounding through the night sky   

the beauty from the may event is still vivid, and today, the october event has also come to a successful conclusion! the first episode has opened for the autumn impression series concert entitledmy people, my country, with the secretary of the jianggan district party committee, teng yong, invited to give a speech at the opening ceremony.

world-class tenor warren mok singing live

world-class tenor warren mok led a group of musicians and friends in presenting a remarkable, textbook-perfect musical feast. their unique singing styles made the audience shout with joy, and the word of the scene was "awesome"!

zhang yingxi, the chief musician of the year for the second season of the showsound into the heart, and other team members

on the stage of the second scene of "youth china dream", zhang yingxi, the chief musician of the year in the second season of the show "sound into the heart", and other team members gathered for the first time onstage at the outdoor classical concert, bringing the live audience the dual enjoyment of sight and sound, in a show full of passionate charm.

zhou xuan, warren mok and ding yi sang live

most memorable is hangzhou, the most beautiful is in china. the third solo concert can only be described as “touchingly beautiful". an authentic hangzhou girl, zhou qun, was not only beautiful but her songs were also incredible! the concert invited the world-famous tenor singer warren mok and ding yi as well, making this flower bloom even more beautifully. the beauty of zhou xuan, the beauty of jiangnan, and the beauty of china were all interpreted to the fullest!

dai yuqiang, wang lida, wang kai, zhang lili, and li ping singing live

"i love you china, i love you sprouting spring, i love you golden fruit of autumn..." with the passionate and affectionate melody resounding throughout the venue, nearly a thousand people both on and off the stage created a remarkable moment of singing along together. the musicians of the concert, including dai yuqiang, the only disciple of the world famous tenor pavarotti, performed the people’s classic and memorable works. with the end of the last note, the fourth scene of thei love you, china themed concert came to an end. since then, eight concerts in the 2019 sanxiang impression "curio music corridor" impression series concerts have also successfully concluded!

many provincial and municipal leaders attended the concert and listened to the sounds of nature. among them, the provincial and municipal leaders included: zhang qingyun, the deputy director of department of housing and urban-rural development in zhejiang province, lu xi, senior researcher at the zhejiang qiantang river cultural research association, and liu ting, the deputy director of the hangzhou spiritual civilization construction office. the leaders from jianggan district included: teng yong, the secretary of the jianggan district committee, xu yingyan, a member of the standing committee, the propaganda minister of the jianggan district committee,  chen hua, the deputy director of the people's congress standing committee in jianggan district, yuan yanfei, the deputy director of the jianggan district government, and bu hanying, the vice chairman of the people’s political consultative conference in jianggan district.

the secretary of the party committee in jianggan district, hangzhou city, teng yong delivering a speech

on april 23, 2019, the "learning power" learning platform was officially launched in hangzhou. this platform focuses on learning from and publicizing xi jinping’sthought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, and the spirit of the 19th national congress of the communist party of china. as the only pilot city in zhejiang province, hangzhou jianggan district has implemented the developmental concept of being actively “people-centered” and has vigorously implemented public benefit work for qiantang culture to enhance the cultural awareness of the people.    

sanxiang impression’s musical series “curio music corridor” are the main content of this round of public benefit works for qiantang culture, which represent an active response to the “learning power” policy, and also accord with the“cultural prosperity” strategy to create top-tier outdoor concerts for the people. these performances allow elegant art culture to move from a small elite out to the common people, and they have become a symbol of hangzhou's urban culture.

art promotes a community’s cultural evolution and nourishes the city’s soul

the eight music concerts described above are the epitome of the pioneering, exploration, and innovation from the green cultural community in the city.

sanxiang impression has created a dual-main business model of “culture real estate”, which has clarified developmental concepts for the mutual empowerment of a green technological real estate ip and a boutique cultural ip, thereby refining the urban humanities and building architecture with life.

a scene from the concert

culture enters the community, and this open outdoor classical concert has built an egalitarian and public art platform for the curio audience, as well as building a home with the aesthetics and temperature of ordinary life. the combination of architecture and music has brought a new way of living and new life concepts to urbanites. furthermore, the artistic and cultural experience harmoniously blended with nature have established sanxiang impression· forestcurio as a rare green humanities community in hangzhou, which not only demonstrates the civilization and future of your city, but also nourishes its soul!

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