earning the appreciation and anticipation of the whole city ——sanxiang impression · forest curio officially opens up


on the october 12th, in the dazzling place of yanjiao, the marketing center for sanxiang impression·forestcurio bloomed in grand style, creating a work that lives up to the excellent natural location and generates limitless imagination for yanjiao's future. the “forestcurio, yanjiao——marketing center grand opening” event was honored to invite the real estate media to share in the glorious ceremony with the assembled guests.

when the marketing center opened, the land was endowed with new vitality. the grand opening was not just to welcome guests, but also brought a new way of life and a new life experience. at the marketing hall, there was also a forum on the regional value of yanjiao new town, entitled “achievers talk about beijing’s future”, where guests discussed the current situation and future of yanjiao new town and its market potential, expressing their high expectations for its future development.

at the very beginning of last month, at the beijing city exhibition hall, sanxiang impression·forestcurio, had its grand opening. after the opening ceremony, the guests and the media entered the exhibition hall under the guidance of the staff. they were amazed by the project’s charm and nearly perfect details. the staff also explained the location and the overall layout of the project to the guests and media professionals, and led them on a visit to the exhibition hall. the establishment of the marketing center also enables more beijing citizens to learn about sanxiang impression·forestcurio, and allowed everyone to experience its unique charm. as a window for the project to welcome guests from all over the country, it not only reflects sanxiang impression’s brand strength, but also foretells the project’s prosperous future.

as a listed real estate enterprise, sanxiang impression·forestcurio will be the primary opener for yanjiao new town, building a new landmark of about 1.1 million square meters, with a green area rate of nearly 38%, which includes apartments, residences, commercial buildings, and other diversified business forms. following the boutique style of the curio brand series, the 4.5m tall ceilings and the high-tech intelligent apartment products were the first features introduced. the excellent height brings double the space enjoyment to the customers. the six green technologies being implemented will energize the products, create a smart community, and bring the residents a more convenient and energy-saving lifestyle and experience. 

with the arrival of high-quality housing enterprises like sanxiang impression, yanjiao is no longer the "sleeping town" that people once called it. with the coordinated development of beijing, tianjin, and hebei being a national strategy, the construction of the city's sub-center is accelerating. taking advantage of the regional and political advantages, yanjiao will develop into another valuable location. this new city east of beijing has an infinitely bright future! the sanxiang impression· forestcurio project is about to open for pre-sale. in the future, it will redefine and refresh the area’s lifestyle possibilities and become an important means of realizing a better life for yanjiao!

sanxiang impression: accelerating the overlapping integration of culture and real estate

"green, science and technology, health" has always been sanxiang’s source of development. sanxiang impression focuses on improving the quality of life according to high standards and environmental protection. sanxiang’s excellent high-end residential products are infused with rich value and nuance. in addition to the solid investment and persistent effort in the initial creative design, the later hardcover support services are fully integrated with the ingenuity of the architects and engineers.

in 2016, sanxiang impression accelerated the pace of its transformation and upgrading, complete the acquisition of the domestic high-end cultural performance ip impression wonders, thus realizing the overlapping integration of culture and real estate. this synergized integration marks yet another brand-new development stage for sanxiang impression. sanxiang impression has always adhered to the principle of "a good house is for living" and strives to create a good life for the people. sanxiang insists on creating products with great vitality, and pays close attention to market demand from multiple perspectives right from the initial product planning, injecting cultural elements that create a unique and worthwhile living experience.

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