building consensus, instilling confidence, making concerted efforts and recreating glory


in order to further enhance the professional abilities of our employees and strengthen their confidence, sanxiang impression co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “sanxiang impression”) held a special event on the afternoon of september 12 at the bothland hotel, themed onbuilding consensus, instilling confidence, making concerted efforts, and recreating glory. this activity primarily involved training for information disclosures and other professional knowledge required of listed companies, as well as providing answers to the common concerns of employees in the annual report inquiry letter, and an introduction to the latest situation of the company's main business of real estate and culture.

the activity was presided over by mr. wang jianhui, and the deputy heads, senior management, and other relevant personnel from all the departments and subordinate units of the company participated in the activity.


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to begin, ms. xiong xing, the general manager of the board office and representative of securities affairs, trained everyone on professional knowledge including information disclosures for listed companies.

(ms. xiong xing, general manager of the board office and representative of securities affairs, giving her training report)    

director wei liangzhong gave a detailed explanation and exposition on the issues of common concern to employees in the annual report inquiry letter.

after purchasing impression wonders arts development co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “impression wonders”), sanxiang has clearly defined its developmental concept of “accelerating the development of the cultural industry, steadily developing the real estate industry, promoting the coordinated development of these two major industries, and clearly defining the mutual empowerment between green, scientific, and technological real estate and a boutique cultural ip”. it has continuously strengthened its scientific and technological innovation and product upgrading, deeply mined the cultural core, and expanded the connotations and growth space of its dual main business of “culture real estate”.


(director wei liangzhong of the office giving his training report)     

mr. wang kuixing, the assistant general manager of sanxiang impression, gave the participants a detailed introduction to the latest development and sales of 7 major real estate projects: sanxiang impression new bund (pudong, shanghai), sanxiang forest curio city (yanjiao, hebei), sanxiang curio (hangzhou, zhejiang), sanxiang curio (chongming, shanghai), mango west bank square (xuhui, shanghai), hongqiao sanxiang square (minhang, shanghai) and zhangjiang sanxiang curio (zhangjiang, shanghai).

all of the company's current projects are located in the core areas of tier 1 and tier 2 cities, and are high-quality, marketable products. fudi field in sanxiang curio (pudong, shanghai) sold out quickly after obtaining its pre-sale permit; guandi field in sanxiang curio (hangzhou, zhejiang) has obtained its pre-sale permit and is also selling well. other projects are in the process of license processing, and will quickly move forward once the license is obtained.

for the sanxiang forest curio city (yanjiao, hebei) project, at present the main structures of buildings 4 and 5 on the 14th commercial service plot have been capped, and buildings 1 to 3 are under full construction, which have been attracting the most attention. the no.15 residential plot is under full construction, while the no. 16-19 residential plots are in the stage of deepening their design schematic and processing the preliminary formalities. the project company is stepping up construction and plans to pre-sell the project by the end of this year.


(mr. wang kuixing, the assistant general manager of sanxiang impression, introducing the real estate business)  

mr. wang wei, the assistant general manager of sanxiang impression, and the chairman and general manager of impression wonders, gave a wonderful report entitledfocus on business, accurate breakthroughs, and the re-creation of brilliance via telephone conference, and he introduced the past developments of impression wonders in the tide of cultural tourism, as well as its current operating conditions, the difficulties it faces, its management policies, and the prospects for the future.


 (ppt report for impression wonders)     

the revenue of impression wonders is mainly composed of project production income, post-maintenance income, box office revenue and other income. in the last three years, the revenue of impression wonders has mainly come from production income and box office income, which account for more than 95% of the total income of impression wonders. among these income sources, the box office income is relatively stable, and has been maintained at around 50 million rmb per year.

in august 2019, the daolue performing arts industry research institute released the "2018 ranking list for real-life tourism performing arts ".  the shortlisted performing arts items had a total of 20 entries, 6 of which were from impression wonders, namelyimpression dahongpao,impression lijiang,impression sanjie liu,impression putuo,impression wulong, andmost memorable is hangzhou.

at present, the impression wonders management team has been conducting multi-party inspections and striving to promote the signing of new projects. at the same time, it has accelerated production for the signed and underperformed projectsreturn to zunyi   and the long march,impression dianchi lake,most memorable is shaoshan chong, andimpression tai chi.

in the future, impression wonders will be guided by market demand and carry out comprehensive improvements to its business acceptance, production creation, cultural and travel integration, project operation, and brand promotion capabilities. impression wonders will thus further optimize its business model and transform from being a single ip licensing model to a business model that combines and operates in both the light and heavy fields, with strengthened continuous operation abilities.

mr. wang jianhui stated in the summary speech of the event that mr. huang hui, the founder of the company, and mr. xu wenzhi, the chairman and general manager of the company, both attached great importance to the event. he expressed the hope that we can continuously improve our professional knowledge through training and further strengthen our confidence to create a brilliant future together with the company.

finally, mr. li gang, the general manager of the human resources department, organized on-site participants to conduct tests and consolidate the effectiveness of the training.

the whole activity was efficient and pragmatic. the staff mastered professional knowledge on various topics including information disclosures for listed companies, and the employees gained a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the company's business development status and future planning. the leaders and relevant personnel attending the event all praised it, saying that they gained a lot from this training, and they have strengthened their confidence to create a brilliant future together with the company.

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