sanxiang impression receives great news: another big prize is in the bag!


on the september 19, 2019, as the whole country celebrated its 70th anniversary, the shanghai construction project white magnolia award (municipal quality project) also celebrated the 30th anniversary of its establishment. at the commemorative meeting, 25 outstanding enterprises, 25 excellent enterprises, 25 outstanding individuals, and 25 excellent individuals in the industry were all commended.


(award presentation for the advanced unit)


(excellent individual award, the third person on the left is the deputy general manager and chief engineer of sanxiang construction, ma zhikang)     

shanghai sanxiang building decoration engineering co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “sanxiang building”), a subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “sanxiang impression”) stood out from more than 1,000 construction companies, winning the award for outstanding unit in shanghai construction engineering at the 30th anniversary of “white magnolia” awards. at the same time, ma zhikang, the deputy general manager and chief engineer of sanxiang building, was also awarded the title of outstanding individual in shanghai construction engineering and was commended at the conference.


 (excellent unit trophy and excellent individual medal)

the magnolia award is the highest honor awarded in shanghai construction engineering. to apply for the magnolia award, one must pass a series of excellence competitions, and then the selection of the awards are pre-evaluated, followed by their announcement to the public in newspapers and periodicals. finally, it undergoes testing from winter to summer, if there are no quality problems, it can then be officially recognized.

although the evaluation mechanism for the magnolia award is very strict, sanxiang has won several magnolia awards for projects under construction during the past few years. it is not difficult to see that the company has continually adhered to its management concept of “focus on details, pursue perfection and achieve excellence”, with character regarded as the first priority, with quality prevailing, and with the concept of "green, technology, health" being the essence of its pursuits.

excellent high-end residential products must have rich connotative value. in addition to investment and persistence during the early creative design, the later fine assembly service needs to be integrated with the designer's ingenuity. in today's global advocacy for a low-carbon society, the pursuit of innovation in green technology has become an inevitable trend in the housing industry’s development.


(outdoor scene)

the endorsement brand of the company's current luxury, high-tech residential "curio" series, strictly accords with high-level design, taking "green forest situation, low-carbon residential technology, german-engineered quality" as the three core elements, and striving to achieve a harmonious win-win between construction and nature, thereby achieving an excellent reputation in the industry and with residents.


(community interior)

the sense of science and technology can be experienced everywhere in the building, which fully meets contemporary people’s requirements for housing. "vacuum cup" type energy-saving and environmental protection, which unlike traditional housing, ensures the most basic functions of housing: warm in winter and cool in summer. the “human touch” intelligent technology system guarantees a humanized living experience, saving both time and effort. it has a wake-up mode and mobile phone monitoring, offering control no matter where you are. the "forest situation" lifestyle, with 70% to 80% of the area being green space, has achieved "a real reclusiveness", freeing us from worries about pm2.5.

sanxiang has independently developed and applied green technology in the buildings, which enables people, architecture, and the environment to coexist in harmony. the ingenuity in the design of the real estate is derived from artistic pursuits.


(interior of sanxiang impression real estate)

in the past 30 years during the rainy season, the magnolia award has become the banner of the engineering excellence in the shanghai construction industry and the embodiment of the craftsman’s spirit, and has commended the highest-quality engineering projects in shanghai’s construction industry. the high-quality projects in shanghai represented by the magnolia award have flourished here, becoming monuments to the industry’s development, and the pride of shanghai. sanxiang has won the magnolia award because of its merit, and because it follows the honorable road that the magnolia award has paved. sanxiang will continue to stay true to the mission and adhere to the fighting spirit of the marathon, firmly believing that the company's future development will be even better, with even greater technological innovation!

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