guardians in the typhoon---stories of sanxiang property personnel fighting the typhoon


on august 8th, 2019, shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. issued the“urgent notice for properly defending against the super typhoon lekima”. shanghai sanxiang property services co., ltd. (sanxiang property) lost no time in formulating a response plan, arranging work, and assigning responsibilities to all parties concerned in a bid to fight the super typhoon lekima as a team.  


on august 9th, sanxiang property entered a state of preparedness across the board, taking various measures according to the flood control and typhoon protection plan, clearing garbage, storing sandbags, inspecting basement equipment, reinforcing all doors and windows, and closing them during the night. after completing all its preparations, sanxiang property conducted ad-hoc inspections of all of its managed properties in terms of flood control and typhoon protection, with a focus on the exterior walls and interior rooms of buildings, thus ensuring that nothing would go wrong. moreover, all the managers of sanxiang property established a flood and typhoon control task force to provide 24/7 on-duty services during the typhoon.



early in the morning of august 10th, the no. 9 typhoon “lekima”landed in chengnan town, wenling, in zhejiang province. due to the influence of the strong typhoon, shanghai suffered a heavy citywide rainstorm and strong gale force winds. project managers of sanxiang property fought all night long on the frontline of the typhoon protection efforts, and lost no time to rush to sites for urgent repairs after receiving repair calls, thus ensuring the normal operation of all the public facilities in its projects. during the typhoon, all the projects went on in an orderly fashion, enduring the typhoon and rainstorms without the daily life and work of its residents and users suffering any adverse effects.  


after the typhoon, as some of projects had fallen trees and waterlogged roads and garages, sanxiang property staff, despite being fatigued, immediately started the clearing and restoration activities.  




although typhoon“lekima”had a tremendous effect and caused significant damage to shanghai, all of sanxiang’s projects withstood this daunting test, successfully defended themselves against the typhoon and rainstorms, while ensuring the safety, steadiness, and orderliness of all of sanxiang’s projects. this great result was achieved thanks to the concerns of all of the group’s leaders and to the concerted efforts of sanxiang property and its subsidiaries, branches, and area and project managers. 

in the past two days, in the progression from“preparing against typhoon”to“defending against typhoon”, sanxiang property personnel became“guardians”in the typhoon, fighting all night long on the frontline of the anti-typhoon and disaster relief. despite facing danger and suffering hardships, they demonstrated the“spirit of sanxiang”, guarding the safety of sanxiang residents and users.  

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