sanxiang property listed “top 100 property management companies in shanghai”


on july 24, 2019, the trade association of shanghai property management published its 2019 shanghai property management industry development report. shanghai sanxiang property management co., ltd (sanxiang property) was included on the list of the“top 100 property management companies in shanghai”for its outstanding comprehensive strategy and specialized property management services. sanxiang ranked 89th on the list, 10 places ahead of its previous spot.

this ranking was said to involve a total of 1,306 property management companies in shanghai, and the comprehensive strengths of property management companies in shanghai  were analyzed and measured in terms of business performance, size of the properties management, quality of service, homeowner satisfaction, development potential, and brand influence. a scientific, fair, objective, and trusted evaluating indictor system was used, according to the evaluation methodology and in-depth typical case studies.


sanxiang property’s increase in ranking represents the recognition and encouragement by stakeholders for its high level of specialized property management services.

since its inception 17 years ago, sanxiang property has been constantly striving to learn lessons and improve its commitment to service, safety awareness and the service skills of its service personnel. to this end, sanxiang has conducted countless in-house trainings and has employed many it-enabled property management practices to constantly upgrade its services.  

in 2019, sanxiang property became fully connected with property and community services by following the official wechat accounts of various residential communities, in collaboration with the open-ended smart community platform“tencent haina”, in an effort to create more comfortable, convenient and efficient environments providing“smart life”for all its homeowners.   

in the future, sanxiang property will continue to intensify its refined control and the standard onsite management of its managed projects, exploring how to empower property management through the internet and artificial intelligence, with the aim of increasing homeowner satisfaction concerning the quality of its property management services. it will also preserve the“sanxiang impression”brand, enhance its core competitiveness and provide homeowners with standardized, convenient, and comfortable services, in a bid to build itself into the top choice among property management service providers. 

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