the 2019 china green real estate index top 30 is released, and sanxiang impression makes the list


the 5th china green smart real estate forum (2019) was held on july 18th, with the theme of “leading green development with scientific and technological innovation”. the event was jointly sponsored by the china real estate association and the investment association of china. it was organized by green ranking, and the intellectual support was provided by xinhua news agency’sglobe magazine. at the forum, the green ranking andglobe think tank jointly released their2019 china green real estate index top 30 report, and sanxiang impression made the list.      

liu ming, the deputy editor-in-chief of xinhua news agency’soutlook weekly, gave a speech at the forum. qiu baoxing, a counselor on the state council, the former deputy director of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, zhao hualin, the chairman of the supervisory board of key state-owned large enterprises of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council & former director of the planning and finance department of the ministry of environmental protection, liu ming, the deputy editor-in-chief of xinhua news agencyoutlook weekly, qiao runling, the vice chairman of the china center for urban development of the national development and reform commission, dong zuoji, the director of the planning department of the ministry of natural resources & director of the national land science research center of university of chinese academy of sciences, and other distinguished guests all delivered wonderful speeches at the forum. 

hangzhou sanxiang impression · forestcurio     

in recent years, sanxiang impression has adhered to its direction in green technology real estate, following the developmental concept of “passive energy conservation, active energy increase, and intelligent health”. the company has continually attached importance to the uniform implementation of green building standards in the design, construction, and operation stages of its projects, and has taken the creation of healthy, comfortable, and high-quality living environments as its ultimate goal. the nanxiang·sanxiang forestcurio won the second prize of the national green building innovation awards, and several projects have won the green three-star design designation, shanghai excellent residential gold award, shanghai energy conservation demonstration project, and other honors and awards. the hangzhou sanxiang impression · forestcurio is also a "double three-star” project that simultaneously won the green three-star and healthy three-star design designations. 

nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio

the creation of a livable energy-saving residential community that complies with the national green building standards is presently widely accepted in the industry, but there are very few residential communities that can also achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, that are green and livable, and that meet green operating standards. according to the statistics of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, by the end of 2017 a total of 10,927 projects (totaling 2.3 billion m2) nationwide had received the green building design evaluation designation, but only 5% of such projects had received operating evaluation certification. many office projects in shanghai have obtained the green three-star operating designation, while only one residential community has obtained the green two-star operating designation. presently, sanxiang impression's zhangjiang·sanxiang curio is applying for the green three-star operating label, and is expected to be among the first batch of projects in shanghai to obtain the green three-star operating designation, thus filling this gap in shanghai. 

zhangjiang · sanxiang curio

chongming·sanxiang forestcurio


sanxiang impression is the first in china to build green technology residences and to actively participate in the implementation of green building evaluation standards. it integrates numerous green technologies in its project applications, thus enhancing the user's health, intelligence level, and comfort experience. in 2013, it took the lead in upgrading from green buildings to healthy buildings, and actively responded to the national call, upgrading from the green three-star design designation to the operating designation, once again leading the industry. 

the projects developed by the company fully integrate with the geographical and climatic characteristics of the project area, complying with green health technology system standard, and complete the integrated application of multiple technologies and overall quality improvements. the projects achieve the integrated application of green design techniques, new products, and new technologies, and ultimately achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, while also providing valuable experience for the construction of similar projects. the projects express the characteristics of the times and guide the future trends, embodying the conservation of resources, environmental friendliness, and people-oriented concepts, thus advocating a green ecology. this is conducive to the application and promotion of green buildings, promoting the sustainable development of the construction industry, as well as the promotion and application of energy conservation, healthy environments, building intelligence, and other new technologies in domestic buildings, which has both a huge demonstration effect and social and economic benefits.

in the future, 

the company will adhere to its developmental direction of “green technology real estate”, 

continuously improve the quality of human residences with innovative technology, 

and incorporate cultural elements, 

thus achieving the upgrade from “livable” to “elegant living”. 

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