burning the midnight oil to make progress, working overtime to meet deadline---actual record of the striving sanxiang yanjiao project department


recently, the sanxiang impression yanjiao project is currently in full swing, but according to the company's established timeline less than five months remain, including a one-month shutdown for the 70th anniversary of the national day, thus the yanjiao project department has an actual construction time of less than four months. therefore, the yanjiao project department is in a key period for achieving its established goals on schedule. as a result, mr. huang jian, the deputy general manager of sanxiang impression & the chairman of shanghai sanxiang building decoration engineering co., ltd., went to the site at night in person to inspect the progress and encourage the project department.


general manager huang charged the project department with overcoming any difficulties and accomplishing their established goals. he especially pointed out that safe construction was the most important requirement in ensuring the project’s smooth construction. he also required that the shifts for overtime work be reasonably organized, stressing the necessity of strengthening the safety management work, forbidding any outrageous action due to the acceleration of progress, prohibited any lack of vigilance in terms of safety, and assigned the responsibility of safety to every link and person involved. especially for nighttime work, high risk exist for operations at the edge, operations at high-altitudes, and welding. it was necessary to strictly implement the safety management system and achieve the construction progress while strictly ensuring both safety and quality. furthermore, the project department was required to actively carry out the logistical support work. when the hot season arrives, the first-line of construction workers in each shift shall be provided with heatstroke prevention supplies, and the food hygiene management of the canteen shall be further improved, so that workers can feel at ease and focus on their work.


in order to achieve the production goals issued by the company's leaders while still ensuring the quality and quantity, the yanjiao project department convened the management personnel and each shift, and held a mobilization meeting for “working at night to accelerate progress, working overtime to complete the work within the construction period”. personnel were provided for each shift in the 3# building, conducting a comprehensive investigation and analysis of the construction quality and operation progress, making overall arrangements, and carefully organizing and compiling practical and feasible project implementation plans. the coordination of each shift and service for the on-site construction management continue to be strengthened, providing timely and effective technical support. each shift must seize upon the current golden season for project construction, increasing their input of construction site personnel and equipment, accelerating the progress on sunny days, trying to work hard even on rainy days, breaking the routine, working overtime, and “arranging shifts to keep personnel working even when the equipment stops working”, thus ensuring the smooth completion of the 3# building’s construction benchmarks.

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