sanxiang impression carries out standardized operation training about the listed company


in order to strengthen the standardization of the company’s information disclosure work, the securities department and human resources department hired a lecturer to carry out a training on "regular reports preparation, the disclosure of related transactions, notes on reducing holding-shares, and other related content”. the training was held on the 12th floor of the xianghai building on the afternoon of june 27th.


the training was delivered by a lecturer from shenzhen infaith consulting co., ltd. the lecturer carefully prepared the courseware for the training, making the participants familiar with the important content for the standard operation of a listed company's information disclosure, and covering the standards concerning information disclosure, the disclosure of temporary announcements, the requirements for periodic reports, insider information and insider trading regulations, notes for reducing holding-shares, and other related content, and finally conducted an analysis and explanation that combined the company's previous reports and market cases.

the company leadership and related personnel involved in the training actively responded to the training content and greatly benefited from it. during the training process, they actively interacted with the teachers, raised questions, and exchanged ideas. the training process was comprehensive and efficient, and played a positive role in standardizing and improving the efficiency of sanxiang impression’s future work.

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