sanxiang’snewly launched hangzhou project achieves housing sales of 500 million in its first day, and sanxiang impression’s performance continues to rise


on the afternoon of june 22, housing sales atsanxiang impression · forestcurio (hangzhou) were carried out for the third time to thank the new and old owners who love the works of sanxiangforestcurio.

to the present day, with the gradual acquisition of pre-sale permits, the scene has become more and more popular, demonstrating that sanxiang impression’s products are highly recognized and valued by general customers. in last year's annual report, a sales of about 4.005 billion yuan was achieved, from the company's 9.476 billion yuan inventory total. the turnover speed of the sanxiang'sinventory has seen increasing improvement and its operating results have spread even further.

(hangzhou sanxiang impression · forestcurio)

(hangzhou sanxiang impression · forestcurio sales site)

as sanxiang impression’s first real estate project upon entering the hangzhou market, the sanxiang impression · forestcurio (hangzhou) project has received a great deal of attention since its debut in november last year. the sanxiang impression brand achieved instant success after the project’sinitial launch in november. all the houses were sold outduring the additional selling that occurred in march of this year. the sell-through rate of one-hour of additional selling in april was 85%. its sales ranked first in the jianggan district real estate sales ranking list in may. a sales of 500 million was achieved in a single day during the third additional selling in june. the temperature has continued to rise, andthe sanxiang impression · forestcurio project,with its stance of “impressing the world after launch”, has become the most popular real estate in east new town. it has been widely favored throughout the whole city, and 80% of the launched houses have been sold.


chongming ·sanxiang forestcurio is located in the core area of chenjia town, bordered by lanhai road to the south and yingdong road to the north. the land occupation is about 200,000 square meters, and the greening rate is about  35%.currently, phase ii of the project is hotly selling.

(zhang jiang · sanxiangcurio)

zhangjiang · sanxiangforestcurio is a benchmark project that implements sanxiang impression’s concepts of “green, technology, and health”. it has won many awards in theindustry and professional design patent awards, including the shanghai construction project “white magnoliaaward”,the “shanghai green building contribution award”, the national green three-star building design logo, the shanghai excellent residential gold award, and the guangsha award. the residential part of the project is currently sold out.

the sanxiang impression forestcurio series project has continually adhered to the company's core positioning as the leader of green technology in real estate, and all aspects of the community integrate a unique understanding of artistic life and elegant music with the spirit of scientific, ecological, and healthy green residences. the project has widely implemented wide-screen bay windows, numerous high-tech systems, sound insulation and noise reduction techniques, three-layer hollow low-e glass, electric sunshade curtains, and the other most advanced measures and concepts in green residential technology,thus creating a "smart, comfortable, ecological, healthy, energy-saving, safe”, and elegant living environment for customers. 

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