paying tribute to the era, sanxiang impression plays a classic melody of architecture and art


after the successful hosting of sanxiang impression’s [curio music corridor] impression series concert i and ii of the hangzhou qiantang nonprofit cultural program on may 11-12, [curio music corridor] the impression series concert iii and iv took place on may 25-26 as scheduled. despite two consecutive windy and rainy days, nearly two thousand viewers came to the venue. amidst the wonderful shows, staged by domestic and foreign artists, the beauty of nature and the passion of the music deeply blended together in the rain, bringing the warmth of music to the cool weather in hangzhou.


a thousand people chorused their tribute to seven decades of glory amidst the pouring rain.

this year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of people’s republic of china, and its glorious history was celebrated with the sound of music. as the melody of the repertoirei love you, china arose, all the artists sung the song together on the stage, bringing the atmosphere of the venue to its climax. although the faces were wet from the rain, the audience spontaneously rose with heartfelt passion, waving red flags and singing loudly with all their heart, creating an iconic moment of nearly a thousand people singing in chorus both on and off the stage.

as the last notes closed, the spring [curio music corridor] impression series concert reached the perfect conclusion, but the wonderful memory of listening to this classic outdoor concert will forever remain in the heart of the entire audience.


chinese and foreign artists perform together, appreciating the classics and affection in the pouring rain.

on the may 25th, chinese and foreign artists of theblessing impression concert gathered at forest curio, bringing the onsite audience the truest and purest classical musical concert, aided by a 200-year-old, completely handmade 9-foot sauter grand piano that a sponsor brought from shanghai. 


△ a sicilian quintet amazes the entire audience with the harmonious, fascinating sound of five musical instruments. 


△ the famous italian bass salvatore salvaggio sings passionately, as a tidal wave of applause converges in a warm stream. 


△ the famous hungarian soprano viktoria varga takes the venue by storm with her exquisite rendition.


△ the tenor singer wang zenan creates countless confessions onsite with the skill of his first-class singing. 


△ the soprano jin tingting intoxicates the audiences with her sweet and lyrical voice.


△ the vocal music and piano art director liu yu creates a dreamlike stage with fascinating piano tones.


on the may 26th, theclassic impression concert took place as scheduled on a rainy night, starting with abat prelude performed by the zhejiang symphony orchestra.


△ with every swing of the famous conductor mr. tan lihua, classical chinese and foreign songs are performed in succession.


△ the world-renowned soprano yao hong presents herself on stage, singing with a passionate and melodious voice that echoes for a long time.


△ the singer zhang yingxi, a disciple of placido domingo, one of the world’s top three tenor masters, moved the whole audience with his delicate voice.


△ the mezzo-soprano zhong liyan wins the recognition of the entire audience with her unique voice.


△ the tenor han peng evokes the memories of the times by singing classical pieces in an unparalleled tone.


    △ cctv host wang lingling hosts the show, adding another layer of beauty to the spring concert with her professional ability to manage the audience.

despite the pouring rain, the performance of the artists, audience, and staff brought a heartfelt warmth to everyone who attended the event. with all the preparations made by the considerate sponsor, no one in the audience left the venue and all the artists gave touching performances, despite the windy and rainy weather, moving everyone present with their persistent focus on quality and their passion for classical music.


 presently, the spring [curio music corridor] impression series concert will bid a temporary farewell to audience and will continue in the fall.

defining the culturally rich, new green residential area, nourishing the heart and soul of cities with art. 

whereas music is an intangible form of art, architecture is a tangible form. as the pioneer in green real estate and the inheritor of impression culture, sanxiang impression not only presented its [curio music corridor] impression series classical concert to the general public, but more importantly it brought its curio series of classical residence products to hangzhou, integrating the natural, tech-enabled, green, and healthy residence spirit it advocates into the community life and creating a breathing community culture that is pleasurable, relaxed, immersive, and shared.

sanxiang impression not only harnesses its persistence and commitment to popularize classical music, but also profoundly applies the highest quality standards to the control of its architectural details. forest curio, as a top-class work of the curio series, exists only to create green, tech-enabled residences that allow “residents to return to their enjoyment of life”, and allow health and comfort become a day-to-day enjoyment, while creating a high-quality life in which residents can breathe deeply even when at home, including such details as fine german workmanship, tech-enabled residences, and smart living. 

sanxiang impression: actively expanding the meaning and growth potential of its dual focus on culture and real estate

sanxiang impression injected powerful cultural productivity into its business portfolio by completing its acquisition of 100% of the equity in impression wonders in 2016, a high-end cultural entertainment brand in china. the company has established its development strategy of accelerating the development of the cultural industry, steadily developing the real estate industry, and promoting the integrated synergy of the two industries, and actively builds its business model with a dual focus on culture and real estate

impression wonders has many high-end cultural, tourism and entertainment ips including impression, encore, most memorableand return to, making it an outstanding representative of a cultural tourism entertainment ip with a high artistic level in china. along with the international expression of chinas cultural confidence and the prevailing trends of thebelt and roadstrategy, the return to the three gorges, encore melaka and encore dunhuang,, newly created by sanxiang impression, have become high-end cultural art calling cards with chinese characteristics.


the repertoire of impression wonders has had a remarkable spillover effect on the entire cultural tourism entertainment industry, as it has driven the industrialization of cultural tourism entertainment in china. furthermore, from the perspective of the entire cultural tourism entertainment industry, impression wonders is committed to making every show a classical piece, that in conjunction with unique local cultures, builds them into the most attractive aspects of cities, which has become the key to the development of present-day cultural tourism entertainment. 

sanxiang impression acquired 100% equity in impression wonders not only to financially empower impression wonders, but more importantly to further optimize and expand the approach to the development of cultural tourism entertainment, with a view to creating a high-quality cultural tourism real estate development model in the new era that acts in seamless conjunction with its real estate business, by an in-depth exploration of the cultural core and using cultural tourism entertainment as an important medium of its development strategy.

sanxiang impression will continue to play the classical melody of architecture and art!

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