sanxiang impression: using the impact of architecture and music to make acoustic resonance with the sound of the times


the play ofi love you china, a two-day "curio music corridor" impression series concert, has received a warm reception in hangzhou. this large-scale outdoor classical concert for public welfare, as part of the qiantang cultural people-benefit project, was jointly created by sanxiang impression, the culture, radio, television, tourism, and sports bureau of jianggan district, and jianqiao street in jianggan district. the activity won the recognition and love of the general public with its cultural concept for a green community in which “life is integrated into art and art nourishes life”.


on the day of the concert, an audience of nearly a thousand were in attendance, and members of the major media were specially invited, witnessing this world-class outdoor audio-visual event.

at 7:00 p.m., tencent news provided the broadcast live. according to the statistics, the live broadcasts of the two concerts were viewed more than 320,000 times. this delightful data shows that classical music is becoming known and loved by more and more people, and that elegant art is entering the lives of ordinary people.

5.11 activities

wang kai and yu di gave a meaningful interpretation, and huang ying, as the special guest, provided a passionate performance

under the leadership of the famous conductor lin yousheng, the zhejiang symphony orchestra began the special concert of wang kai and yu di, the bel canto new force of "china youth”, with the song the voice of youth waltz.

as a young tenor singer at the national centre for the performing arts, wang kai sang a series of classic songs, which ignited the audience's enthusiasm.

non ti scordar di me, granada, i miss you my comrades, and other classical songs

the huge audience screamed their cheers for the moving voice of the young baritone singer yu di.

the clouds of my hometown, song of the toreador, the classical piece of the opera carmen, and other songs.

in addition to these two, the organizers also invited the famous coloratura huang ying to come and sing for the audience. the audience was greatly moved by her voice, which is filled with the sounds of nature.

una voce poco fa, o mio babbino caro and other opera selections

5.12 activities

empathizing with beautiful voices like the sounds of nature. two festivals in the same day celebrating hearts filled with love.

the second day of the event was on mother's day & nurses day, and the organizers specially invited 100 of the most beautiful mothers from the jianggan district women's federation, and 100 medical staff from the jianggan district health protection bureau. the show began with a passionate performance ofgood news delivered from beijing to frontier stockaded villages.

first, the young soprano singer xu jingjing appeared on the stage and presented everyone with a repertoire of classics.

on the field of hope, me and my country

later, the young female chinese-korean singer bian yinghua sangarirang folk song and “red sun shining in the frontier” bilingually, winning unanimous praise from the audience.

the 2008 beijing olympics theme songyou and me was sung first. then the lyrical coloratura chen xiaoduo sangsummer time andles oiseaux dans la charmille, giving the audience a distinctive feast of audio-visual enjoyment.

the young tenor singer xue haoyin sango sole mio,my country my mother and other classic works. his strong and clear voice resonated in the ears of the audience.


the young soprano singer zhou xuan sang jasmine tonight andjiangnan folk song. her sweet voice was like healing medicine for the souls of the audience.

the young singer anson ping was the last to appear on the stage. his warm and pure voice has earned him many fans. songs such asauf flügeln des gesanges andedelweiss brought the audience away from their mundane real life to a quiet, artistic place within their distant dreams...

sanxiang impression: vigorously promoting the coordinated development of culture  and  real estate

as one of the organizers of this impression series concert, sanxiang impression has completed the 100% equity acquisition of impression wonders arts development co., ltd. since may of 2016. it has adopted the developmental strategy of "accelerating the development of the cultural industry, steadily developing the real estate industry, and promoting the collaborative integration of these two industries, creating a "culture real estate" dual main business model. its main business includes cultural performance and real estate development. the company is engaged in domestic  cultural tourism performance creation and 靠谱的买球平台 copyright operation according to the highest artistic standards. it owns high-end performing arts brands such as “impression”, “encore”, “most memorable” and “home coming”, and it is also a leading enterprise in the green technology real estate field. it has been honored among china's top 100 real estate enterprises, china's top 10 green real estate enterprises, shanghai's top 50 real estate enterprises, and many other honors. in the years of its development, it has always striven to become the most influential and valuable benchmark for both culture and real estate.

through this concert, sanxiang impression has integrated its unique understanding of life, elegant music, and art, infusing a scientific, green, and ecological healthy residential spirit into all aspects of their communities. sanxiang impression considers life in the form of its architecture, shaping its architecture with concrete music, and it is dedicated to improving both the humanistic and cultural atmosphere of the community, thus provides the highest level of humanistic upscale communities, infused with artistic depth for urban people who pursue a higher quality of life.

after the g20 summit, on the eve of the asian games, hangzhou's urban development entered a new stage, and its cultural soft power has been continuously improving. sanxiang impression adheres to its inherited philosophy of impression culture. as the leader in green technology real estate, it has also created communities infused with green culture through the platform of the impression series of classical concerts, which are performed from the cultural perspectives of their host city. as classical music gradually enters the life of hangzhou citizens and forms a natural, beautiful, and exquisite lifestyle, elegant art will truly be integrated into the architecture of the times.

sanxiang impression will continue to progress, and continue to use the impact between architecture and music to create acoustic resonance with the sound of the times!

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