creating ingenious residences enabled with green technology the residential properties of the sanxiang curio series in hangzhou and shanghai are in high demand


zhangjiang sanxiang curio

sanxiang impression forestcurio     

in the romantic month of april, sanxiang impression’s real estate business has delivered a string of victorious news. the zhangjiang-sanxiang curio in shanghai and the sanxiang impression-forest curio in hangzhou were launched for the first time in march, and were “sold out” within only 1 hour of launch, demonstrating the ingenuity and quality of sanxiang impression’s products.

winning the industry’s top awards perfectly demonstrates

what it means to be “green, technology-enabled, and healthy”

zhangjiang sanxiang curio is a benchmark project demonstrating sanxiang impression’s commitment to the “green, technology-enabled, and healthy” lifestyle, and it has won the industry’s top awards many times, including the 2017 shanghai magnolia award for construction works, the 2017 shanghai green building contribution award and the national “green three-star” building design certification, and the shanghai gold prize for outstanding residence and building award.


zhangjiang sanxiang curio is an excellent example of smart buildings, as every residence in this residential complex fully realizes the intelligent, one-stroke operation of different scenarios, as well as cell phone compatible remote control, allowing homeowners to have everything in their homes under control easily and efficiently, wherever they are.

introducing the concept of high-quality residences into the market

with sanxiang’s first ever project in hangzhou

as a leading company in china’s green and tech-enabled real estate industry, sanxiang impression took the lead in building its first ever residential project in hangzhou, “sanxiang impression-forest curio”, at the junction of qianjiang new town and chengdong new town, by sensing the potential of east of hangzhou as a rising downtown area.


this project focuses on green and technology-enabled high-end properties, and incorporates 16 technology systems in a unique and innovative way. it received the national “three-star green building design” certification, and the “three-star healthy architectural design” certification from the very beginning of its design phase. as a top work of the haishang series, sanxiang impression-forest curio developed into a nearly perfect residential project for the picky hangzhou market with an unprecedented product power, successfully bringing the concept of high-quality residences to hangzhou. 

from its initial launch in november of 2018, to its addition in march of 2019, sanxiang impression-forest curio has seen an upward sales trend, especially in the eastern part of the city. even in february, when hangzhou’s real estate market saw a decline, the project was still attracting waves of homebuyers due to its unparalleled quality, ranking the sixth place among the bestselling real estate projects in downtown hangzhou in february in terms of turnover, and the ninth place in terms of number of residences sold, and it even became the single-month bestseller in downtown hangzhou in february. 

creating the residential experience that homeowners deserve for a lifetime

with ingenious quality and nuanced development

green, technology-enabled, and healthyhave always been sanxiang impressions source of business growth, as green and tech-enabled residences focus on creating a high-quality lifestyle with the highest standards and environmentally conscious concept, and in this way they differ from the traditional approach to real estate projects. outstanding high-end residence products must have rich and nuanced value, and the supporting services not only including fine decoration, but also need to incorporate the ingenuityof the architects and engineers, including their input and persistence in the initial phases of creation and design. 



in 2016, sanxiang impression accelerated its pace of transformation by acquiring chinas number one cultural entertainment brand---impression wonders, thus achieving a cross-industry integration of culture and real estate. this cross-industry integration marks an exciting new phase of development for sanxiang impression, in which we will continue our focus on creating a better quality of life with the extremely viable products. we bear in mind the idea that good houses are a place to live, and we aim to create the residential experience that homeowners deserve to have for a lifetime. we achieve this by analyzing market demand from multiple perspectives in the very beginning of product planning, while injecting and integrating cultural elements. 

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