the 9th council of the shanghai real estate association holds its 1st plenary session, electing sanxiang impression ceo xu wenzhi as the new president



     on march 12, 2019, the 1st plenary session and 1st council meeting of the 9th council of the shanghai real estate association(srea) took place at the huating hotel in shanghai.


  hosted by the vice president of the 8th council hu kemin, this meeting deliberated on the work report and final accounting report of the 8th council of the srea, and explained the modifications to the association’s charter. in addition, the recommendation and election of this council’s candidate members,  the short list of council members, and the election procedure for council members and supervisors were presented at the meeting. a new council emerged through democratic election and an onsite show of hands, and sanxiang impression president & ceo xu wenzhi was elected as the president of the renewed shanghai real estate association. 

          mr. xu delivered an inaugural speech on behalf of the new council. first, he sincerely thanked the 8th council for its painstaking efforts in laying a solid foundation, saying that the srea will actively guide its member companies in properly responding to real estate industry regulations, serve the innovation-driven development of the real estate industry, faithfully express the appeals of real estate companies, pursue the reshuffling of the industry, and contribute to the real estate industry’s sustainable development. moreover, it will endeavor to explore the positioning readjustments and functional transformation of the association, better serve the healthy development of the industry association itself, faithfully perform its duties as conferred in the charter, and deliver on its commitments.  

        in addition, this conference also invited ding zuyu, ceo from the e-house enterprise group, who provided an analysis of the industry and its outlook using big data, a discussion of the current industry policies and dynamics, predictions about the real estate industry in 2019, and the market situation and outlook in shanghai. he led the audience in looking for the key ideas that will unlock the potential of 2019, and expressed full confidence in the real estate market and its companies in shanghai, saying that the way forward has great prospects.

     in conclusion, the deputy director of the shanghai municipal housing administration, leng yuying delivered a speech, recognizing the efforts of the last council of the srea and her expectations for the new council in continuing to playing a bridging role, establishing a two-way line of communication between the government and companies, while constantly improving, deepening, and widening its service level in accordance with the new era. 

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