shanghai sanxiang (group) honored as an outstanding member (2017 to 2018) by the shanghai green building council


the shanghai green building council held its general meeting on february 28th, 2019, in which they commended the outstanding members from 2017 to 2018. shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd. was awarded with this honor.

      mr.xu wenzhi, the vice chairman of the shanghai green building council as well as the president and general manager of sanxiang impression, attended the meeting and was seated on the rostrum. mr. wang kuixing, the assistant general manager of sanxiang impression, received the prize on behalf of shanghai sanxiang. mr. wang kuixing said in his interview after the meeting that, “green technology is the core competitive power of sanxiang impression’s real estate business, and they are continuously upgrading, innovating, and achieving breakthroughs. sanxiang has developed its initial single green energy saving technology into multiple technologies, and then integrated this green building technology. thus, a “green healthy” technical system has been created, including passive energy savings, active energy savings, and intelligent health systems. in the future, sanxiang impression will continue to thoroughly combine the green technology of its real estate with cultural elements, thereby continuously meeting its customers’ increasing daily demands for cultural experience, improving the quality of its living environments, and making even greater contributions to the development of green building in china with innovative technology.” 


sanxiang impression: technical innovation that leads the development of green real estate

      sanxiang impression insists on the concept of sustainable development and made great achievements in its r&d and innovation of green building technologies. the green concept comes first before developing every project. sanxiang impression insists on implementing the requirements for green buildings into its design and construction, and has distributed energy-saving consumption throughout its operations, thus creating healthy and comfortable living environments.

   the leaders of the company value the development of green technology in real estate. mr.xu wenzhi, the president and general manager, leads the r&d team and has positively transitioned the company into the green, low-carbon industry. sanxiang impression’s specific developmental direction has become the integration of green technology and real estate. the company was the first in the industry to introduce time-sharing ammeters for residents, and the first to implement integrated solar energy in buildings in its high-rise residences. it was also the first to research, develop, and apply integrated indoor air purification in its buildings to resist and remove smog, and the first to apply photovoltaic power generation on a large scale in its low-rise residences, thus achieving the generation of power for the user, while also providing residual power to the grid. sanxiang group owns about 20 national patents, including those for the three leading technologies of integrated solar energy and buildings, integrated indoor air purification and buildings, and smart home systems. 

        in recent years, the company has repeatedly won the national green building innovation award, the highest honor in the national green building industry, as well the gold prize for outstanding residences in shanghai city, energy saving demonstration project for shanghai city, and other honors. hongqiao sanxiang square, nanxiang sanxiang forest haishang, chongming sanxiang forest haishang, zhangjiang sanxiang haishang, hangzhou sanxiang impression, forest haishang, and other projects have all been awarded with the three-star green certification. sanxiang impression ranks first on the list of national green real estate enterprises. the company joined the dgnb (german sustainable building council) in 2015, and was selected as the committee member unit for the dgnb executive committee in china.

      sanxiang’s deeply-rooted foundation in green real estate is attracting more and more attention, and the demands of the state and society for green building are increasing every day. the company insists on adhering to its developmental direction of real estate with green technology, referencing the advanced concepts of europe and america, which germany represents, to continuously improve the quality of its living environments with technical innovation, while introducing cultural elements and upgrading from liveable dwellings to elegant dwelling.

     guided by the implementation of the governmental requirements for developing green buildings, the shanghai green building council insists on serving its members’ demands and positively promoting the development of green buildings. the scholar wu zhiqiang shared a research report with a thesis stating that chinese ecological wisdom is the chinese characteristic of green buildings, and which elaborated the developmental progress of green buildings, from green color, green technology, green material, and green wisdom, thus encouraging member units to positively reinforce their r&d for innovative green technology, broaden their perspectives, and achieve the nationwide application and development of green wisdom.

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