the march 15th quality conference 2019 was successfully held with the theme of “focus on performance, integrity, and innovation-driven development with the big picture in mind”


      on march 13, 2019, sanxiang impression held its annual march 15th quality conference, this year with the theme of “focus on performance, integrity, and innovation-driven development with the big picture in mind”. the company’s president and ceo, xu wenzhi, the deputy general manager, huang jian, and the vp of sanxiang holdings, chen jinsong, as well as key personnel from all subsidiaries attended the meeting. the meeting was hosted by the deputy general manager xu yu.


mr. shi lei, an independent director of the company and economics professor of fudan university, was invited to deliver a lecture on the macroeconomic landscape. in his report “several highlights of the chinese economy 2019”, professor shi began with the china-us relations, providing analysis and example-based arguments on several topics ranging from the bretton woods system to petro-dollar, as well as the internationalization of rmb and the future of china. he spoke from a unique perspective and with a detailed and vivid manner. after the presentation, the audience was intrigued and lost no time in raising questions for professor shi, leading to a vibrant q&a session. professor shi’s report received a prolonged applause, and the audience said his lecture both helped them understand the current situation and was very enlightening for their future efforts. 




fighting against corruption and maintaining business integrity is a longtime safeguard for the sustainability of private companies. as an important item on the meeting agenda, wang qinghua, the general counsel of sanxiang holdings,  gave a legal lecture on anti-corruption undertakings in private companies, analyzing several real-life cases and sounding the anticorruption alarm for everyone present at the meeting. 

following his lecture, a witnessing ceremony for the integrity pledge took place, in which the company’s senior management took the lead in delivering a signed integrity pledge to mr. xu wenzhi, the president and ceo of sanxiang impression. business executives from all sanxiang impression companies also presented pledges to their respective leaders. this pledge is not only a commitment, but more importantly an oath of loyalty to the organization, reminding every sanxiang employee to always remain vigilant, strictly comply with laws and regulations, and proactively fight against corruption while advocating integrity. 


at the meeting, a signing ceremony also took place for the business objectives of 2019. this year, the company will endeavor to advance internal reforms and encourage all subsidiaries to explore new incentive mechanisms that are in line with market-oriented principles, in an effort to increase their business performance in the upcoming year like never before, turning their demanding performance targets into motivation and their responsibilities into their mission. 




the heads of the four sanxiang subsidiaries successively signed the 2019 business performance pledge with president and ceo xu wenzhi. 

      in closing, mr. xu wenzhi, the president and ceo of sanxiang impression, delivered a speech, stating that, starting in 2009, the company has been pursuing the march 15th quality initiative for ten years, and that the mindset of “quality first” has become deeply rooted in the mind of every employee, thus playing an effective role in improving the company’s internal management and increasing the awareness of quality among employees. he added that communicating the importance of quality must be a consistent and ongoing effort. 

      meanwhile, he stressed that this year is a year of reform and innovation for the company and the important proposition of “private companies fighting against corruption” should remain an ongoing focus while pursuing various reform initiatives. he reiterated the need to adhere to the corporate motto of “honesty, doing business with integrity, and legal and regulatory compliance”, endeavoring to improve the quality of corporate growth. in this way, the company can achieve and sustain performance growth beyond expectations, thus allowing shareholders, the company, and every employee to share in the business results. 

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