sanxiang impression receives multiple awards including top 10 most innovative in green real estate


on january 7, 2019, the 2018 china green building industry chain theme summit and the china green building top ranking awards ceremony held its grand opening in beijing. as a parallel forum of the cihaf, the summit’s theme was “new green journey in the new era”, awarding a number of annual honors in the green building industry in china.

at the summit, sanxiang impression was ranked among the top 10 most innovative in green real estate, and the hangzhou sanxiang impression forestcurio was ranked among the annual top 10 green projects. in addition, li liqun, the assistant general manager of the design management department, was awarded as the chief r&d officer among the top 100 real estate enterprises, and was invited to participate in the round-table dialogue, “a discussion of the ways to update products in the green building industrial chain”.

the green building industry has the general trend of moving towards high-quality development. having a high-quality home to live in is another mission and responsibility for real estate enterprises in the new era. at the summit, li liqun, the assistant general manager of the design management department, was invited to join the round-table dialogue, “a discussion of the ways to update products in the green building industrial chain”. during the discussion, he said that the entire building industrial chain includes four stages: design, construction, operation, and demolition. currently, the demolition stage has not been accounted for in terms of the domestic development level. if any of the previous three stages are at a low level, it will affect the actual use of the building. in recent years, the domestic green building industry has been greatly developed. as a real estate development enterprise, sanxiang impression is reflecting upon the following question: what is the difference between a green star-rated building and a normal building? thus, we have come to the conclusion that green buildings should be sensible, and that this means first off, they shoulg be healthy. the fully furnished residence should exceed the current standards for resisting smog, formaldehyde, and vocs, and should have energy-saving functions and more comfortable sound, lighting and heat, as well as a range of suitable functions for both the young and old. in the context of real estate regulation, real estate companies are changing from innovative to practical green construction technologies, and are figuring out how to reduce costs and shorten the construction period, while still under the premise of ensuring quality construction. meanwhile, as a member of the dgnb, sanxiang will continue to explore paths featuring people-oriented buildings and sustainable development.

at the summit, the hangzhou sanxiang impression forestcurio residential project in hangzhou was also honored among the top 10 green projects in 2018, becoming one of the few building projects receiving the three-star design identification, the highest level of green building evaluation standard, and the healthy building evaluation standard. 

2018 marked the 40th anniversary of china’s reform and opening up, and the 20th anniversary of the reform of the housing system. in china, the development of green and healthy buildings will gradually become the trend of future economic growth. sanxiang impression continuously maintains its learning, innovation, and breakthroughs in green technologies. from the initial application of a single green energy-saving technology to numerous technical applications and the integrated application of green building technologies, the “green healthy” technology system has been fully formed, featuring passive energy saving, active energy, and health intelligence. sanxiang impression has completely developed the application, from first focusing on the technology, and then improving its overall quality.

in the future, sanxiang impression will continuously adhere to its developmental direction of “green technology real estate”, will improve the quality of human residences with innovative technologies, and will further broaden its developmental prospects.

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