sanxiang joint with golden scepters , marking ip cooperation between chinese and american cultural industry


on december 28, sanxiang impression co., ltd. (short name: sanxiang impression, stock code: 000863) signed a cooperation agreement with golden scepters (shanghai) culture media co., ltd. (short name: golden scepters) in shanghai. sanxiang impression acquired 16% of the equity of golden scepters and became its second largest shareholder. the two sides will jointly develop an international tourism resort centered on the cultural and creative industries in china. this also marked a substantial start to the strategic cooperation framework signed by the two sides at the beginning of this year, and represents the strong alliance of sino-us culture & tourism ips enters into a new stage of development.

many important company leaders attended and witnessed the signing ceremony, includingsanxiang impression’s chairman and general manager xu wenzhi, director chen jinsong, and deputy general manager huang jian; golden scepters’schairman xu hong, president zhou wei, senior vice president wang jichun, and vice president xu wei; chairman cheng yiquan of shanghai milestone asset management co., ltd., chief operating officer shi xiaolei of milestone (cayman) asset management co., ltd.; senior partner zhao luo of beijing deheng law offices, and other relevant company leaders.  mr. huang hui, chairman of sanxiang holdings and the current controller of sanxiang impression, made a special trip to shanghai to attend the gala dinner.


(xu wenzhi, chairman and general manager of sanxiang impression, and xu hong, chairman of golden scepters, signing the contract on site)

in august 2017, golden scepters obtained the sole authorization for the international tourist resort from viacom group (america), with the cultural and creative industries as the core, as well as other related industries in the jiangsu, zhejiang and shanghai region, and it is an important  strategic partner of viacom group (america) in china. viacom group (america) is now one of the largest media and entertainment groups in the world and plays a pivotal role in every field of the international media market. viacom has many world famous cross-media entertainment brands: mtv, nickelodeon, paramount, comedycentral, and bet. as a global brand, viacom is home to more than 200 locally-produced programs, tv channels and more than 550 digital media and mobile tv platforms, covering more than 3.8 billion home users from more than 180 countries and regions around the world in more than 40 languages.

(nickelodeon park)

viacom group possesses the well-known brand nickelodeon, which was founded 39 years ago and is the number one brand among global tv channels for children, covering more than 700 million households in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. it possesses a large number of world-renowned and original animation entertainment and cg ips, including spongebob, ninja turtles, dora and paw patrol. in addition, there are various nickelodeon theme parks in north america, asia, europe, australia and south america, attracting more than 30 million visitors to pay avisit and experience every year.

from the starting point of “children first”, nickelodeon has established various diversified and worldwide business. the brand's business includes making high-quality tv shows in the united states and around the world, organizing interesting activities related to the brand, and launching relevant popular consumer products, entertainment, and leisure activities, as well as books, movies, etc. the us nickelodeon tv channel has 90 million domestic consumers, and has achieved the highest ratings for kids cable tv channel for 22 consecutive years.

as the other cooperating party, sanxiang impression, who in may of 2016 completed the acquisition of 100% of the equity for the domestic high-end cultural performing arts brand - impression wonders arts development co., ltd. (referred to as: impression wonders), is injecting strong cultural productivity into the business  territory, with its  “impression”, “encore”, “most memorable”,“return to”, and other high-end culture & tourism performance ips, thus becoming the outstanding representative of high-level culture & tourism performance ip in china. with its self-confident international expression of chinese culture, and following the general trend of the“belt and road” strategy, the home coming, three gorges, encore malacca, and encore dunhuang series newly created by sanxiang impression have become high-end cultural and artistic callingcards with unique chinese characteristics.

(sanxiang impression—cultural territory)

mr. xu wenzhi, the chairman and general manager of sanxiang impression, said that this cooperation with golden scepters is another major measure forseeking heavyweight ips around the world afterthe company’s acquisition of the major ip “impression wonders” and itsdomestic culture & tourism performances, which once again confirms the direction of its developmental strategy after the transformation ofsanxiang impression. the company will comprehensively enhance itsoverall capabilities in terms of investing in and developing large-scale cultural tourism projects,as well as in its operating and managingof tourism destinations, thusform an effective synergy between itstwo main industries of “culture real estate”, and achievea sustained and steady growth inthe company's performance. at the same time, sanxiang impression will actively lead itsconsumer upgrading, and provide even more consumers with innovative and diversified leisure and holiday products.

(group photo taken at the signing ceremony site)

mr. xu hong, chairman of golden scepters, said that golden scepters, as a highly international and market-oriented company, is committed to building the new phase of the animation industry in the yangtze river delta region, and to promoting the upgrading of the regional cultural and tourism industries. he also said that in the past year golden scepters has achieved a significant milestone in its progress in the core cities of the yangtze river delta. he expressed golden scepters’s confidence in the prospects for cooperation with sanxiang impression. in the future, both sides will explore their joint career development for the purpose of realizing long term cooperation, complementing each other, mutual benefit and win-win results.

currently, with china's cultural tourism industry as a new economic growth point, and entertainment companies embracing live-action experience and real estate enterprises with active transformation are both seeking the best integration of culture, tourism and lifestyle. the “cultural and creative park” has also become a new field concentrating the market's attention. the developmental mode of cultural and creative complexes has clearly defined the project operation mode and the expectations for return on investment. it can be easily seen that only the enterprises with the strength and ability to deeply cultivate the cultural tourism industry are able to be the mainstream leading the industry's transformation and development. as they seek mergers and acquisitions, and cooperate to realize close association between strong enterprises and obtain better resources, they will be able to explore new modes for the development of the cultural tourism industry.

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