c has debuted! come and see the one who has everything going well!


2019 has come,

perhaps you don’t know the new internet buzzwords,

maybe you cannot understand the funny point when someone else says,

are you low or not?

let's take a look together

the top 5 buzzwords!


so delicious!


so delicious is from the transformation, in which wang jingze left these cruel words behind during his first few days in the countryside: "i, wang jingze, even if i am starving to death, if i jump down from here, i still won’t eat their food!” but later he sighs with a "so delicious" while eating. this smack in the face became very popular on the internet. netizens made an emoji derived from it and widely circulated it.

 he used to be a king  



this sentence is used to describe those who were once very arrogant, but ultimately become subject to more powerful forces.




koi represents good luck, so many people hope to get good luck by forwarding koi.

the chinese koi was a microblog raffle with a big prize issued by alipay. the winner was a netizen named “xinxiaodai”. after that, the chinese koi and xinxiaodai became very popular.


 i have confirmed it with my eyes 



the lyrics comes from the song tale of the red cliff, and the complete lyrics are "i know you are the right one because i confirmed it with my eyes”. nowadays, it is commonly used for ridicule, such as:  i know you are the one i want to ignore because i confirmed it with my eyes...


 c debuts 


“c” is the abbreviation for "center” in english, referring to the central position. “c debuts” means that through endeavoring, an able person stands at the center of the team in the end, with all the spotlights focusing on him.



speaking of "c debuts", the "2019 c debut" sanxiang impression green healthy running activity on new year's day held by chongming sanxiang forestcurio on december 31 ended successfully, with the "c debut" finally appearing!

walk the flowered road to the podium, win the ultimate prize (garmin va3 black pvd smart watch), and successfully become the last "koi" of 2018!


the activity was themed with the concepts of green and healthy living, and the venue for the event was located in chongming, shanghai, a place with beautiful scenery, attracting the many participants who love life and sports.

on this special day, the last day of 2018, they gathered together for the chongming sanxiang forestcurio passionate run, to enjoy the beautiful winter view of chongming after the snow, and fully experience the joy of running.


contestants, guests, and the media arrived at the chongming sanxiang forestcurio experience center at 9 a.m., viewing, warming-up, and waiting for today’s big show to debut.


at the opening ceremony, beautiful cheerleaders waved their flower balls to the energetic music, greeting the contestants with 100% enthusiasm. under the clear skies of chongming, it became a truly charming scene.


differing from previous years, this year added a number of really cute figures to occupy the c position, adding more fun to the event. everyone was taking photos with these new cute figures such as "superman", "spiderman", “spongebob" and “peppa pig". it was a tremendous amount of good fun.


the host made the opening remarks, and the leader of chongming sanxiang forestcurio gave a speech and expressed the green and healthy concepts that chongming sanxiang forestcurio has always advocated. people living in cities full of vehicle exhaust have expressed that “a green and healthy life is our dream”.


then, a lively warm-up exercise raised the curtain of the contest! the atmosphere of the scene was highly animated and the energetic participants were ready to run!


with the loud "bang" of the starting gun, this exciting healthy running activity kicked off under the leadership of the "sanxiang running team" and the "professional lead coach". each participant was full of confidence.

for them, it was not just a game, but an experience to relax and challenge themselves. for the organizer, the initial intention was to let everyone experience a green and healthy life, with the hope that people would feel that “paradise” remains a reality, allowing people to breathe freely and to enjoy the beauty of nature in today’s “bewitched city”.

upholding this original aspiration and with detailed consideration, the organizer carefully prepared mineral water and other supplies, as well as medical teams, thus providing a full range of safety guarantees for each runner, so that they could push forward to the finish line.

the participants lived up to expectations, sparing no effort to cross the finish line and greet their victorious triumph! everyone had the brightest smiles on their faces. they cheered for themselves and cheered for chongming! at this moment, it was as if the skies of chongming was bluer, and the fatigue from work and mental stress disappeared, with only the happiness that sport brings remaining.

finally, chongming·sanxiang forestcurio presented exquisite certificates and medals to the participants, rewarding their spirit of self-improvement and self-challenge.

the activity ended in an atmosphere of joy and laughter, sharing in chongming·sanxiang forestcurio’s unforgettable belief in green and healthy living, feeling moved by their determination while staying true to their mission, and insisting on instilling urban villa life with green and healthy ideals.


with the conclusion of sanxiang impression’s green healthy running activity on new year's day, 2018 is also coming to an end, but life is still moving forward, and you are always your own "c”. in 2019, the ideal life you expect is on the horizon!

we are running together with the city

nothing can stop our rapid pace

moving forward to catch our dreams

with ideals in your heart, the world blossoms

chongming·sanxiang forestcurio is always with you

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