an amazing performance of luminous flame art, director zhang yimou has created another "grand banquet" for the sco summit


the world is watchingfriends from afar

with a list of achievements that already includes the opening and closing ceremonies of the beijing olympics, the luminous flame art demonstration at the apec welcome banquet, the artistic performance at the g20 summit, and beijing’s eight minutes of the winter olympics in pyeongchang, director zhang yimou   greeted all the distinguished guests attending the sco qingdao summit with yet another visually striking "grand banquet", a fantastic and flawless luminous flame performance.

the luminous flame performancefriends from afar is different from the form of traditional performances. it integrates traditional chinese culture with modern science and technology, and uses the sky as the curtain, the sea as the stage and the city as the background. the stage is set up on the sea, and the night view of qingdao is creatively incorporated into the stage performance. 

integrating traditional culture with modern technologies, the performance is very much in the "zhang yimou" style

director zhang yimou has a world-class aesthetic view, along with a profound understanding of both chinese and world culture. the accuracy of his cultural understanding has allowed every one of his major national performances to become a great success. such is the case withfriends from afar, a perfect combination of culture and technology that displays china's great power.

the luminous flame performance at the sco summit could be called an expressive live-action performance. director zhang yimou has rich experience and a high degree of achievements that utilize this mode of expression. sanxiang impression’s subsidiary impression wonders, in which he works as the art director, over the years has created more than 10 outstanding live-action performance programs, includingmost memorable is hangzhou, the first landscape performance in china, impression liu sanjie,impression lijiang,impression wulong,impression dahongpao,impression putuo, china's first indoor situational playencore pingyao,encore dunhuang,encore mount wutai, andzhiyin hao, and all of them have been well-received. the performance form that integrates local traditional culture and innovative modern technologies lets the audiences experience everything as new and fresh. the diversified arrangements and frameworks, combined with the majestic on-stage special effects, make each play uniquely wonderful.


with zhang yimou as the chief director of the core creative team, impression wonders has always adhered to its goal of both renewing and leading the trends in chinese performing arts. currently, impression wonders is continuing to promote four major series: “impression”, “encore”, “most memorable”, and “home coming”. in addition to the mature projects giving public performances,home coming, three gorges,most memorable is shaoshanchong, andhome coming, zunyi are also in production. by the end of 2017, the two major performance projectsimpression dianchi(tentative name) andimpression tai chi (tentative name) were approved, and impression wonders is sparing no effort to expand its cultural terrain.


promising live performances, sanxiang impression’s cultural journey is approaching

sanxiang impression established itself in the cultural field when it chose to acquire impression wonders, a leading domestic live performance brand. this acquisition demonstrates sanxiang impression’s great foresight. culture connects the world, and its role is becoming increasingly important. the live performances of impression wonders are in accordance with china’s cultural development. in art, it embodies the newest practices among the varieties of unique artistic expression worldwide. in business, it has created a model for the cultural industry with chinese characteristics. in effect, it is playing an active role in "telling the chinese story, showing cultural charm, and promoting regional development".

with it promising live performances, a grand cultural journey for sanxiang impression is approaching. in the future, sanxiang impression will continue to create more outstanding works, present more "best of china" grade products to the world, and make further contributions to the development of chinese culture.

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