chongming sanxiang forestcurio is honored as a shanghai "star construction site"


on the morning of may 26, 2018, the award ceremony for the 2017 "star construction site" in shanghai was held at the expo green valley project department. at the ceremony, the chongming sanxiang forestcurio second section project, built by shanghai sanxiang building decoration engineering co., ltd., was honored as a "star construction site".

the selection of shanghai’s "star construction sites" is aimed at commending the unremitting efforts the participating construction engineering units have made in promoting civilized construction management at construction sites, improving the degree of civilization in the urban environment, and reducing conflicts between construction sites, citizens, and other parties.

a total of 108 shanghai "star construction sites" were selected in 2017 through a process which considered the construction unit's application, citizen service hotline, urban construction service hotline, the review of the citizen inspection team, the verification from the news media, public announcements, and other factors. the stars selected in this batch of construction sites have continuously deepened the management of civilized construction, diligently reduced the negative impact of construction on civic life and the urban environment, and made new contributions to the creation of a highly civilized shanghai.

in its construction of chongming sanxiang forestcurio, shanghai sanxiang building decoration engineering co., ltd. further elaborated on its implementation of civilized construction, establishing a leading project safety group, implementing a responsibility system for safe production, organizing and carrying out various safety activities, providing safety education and disclosure for construction personnel, actively publicizing safety knowledge, and creating an atmosphere in which "everyone is responsible for safety and everyone desires safety". in the construction phase, chongming sanxiang forestcurio won first place in the annual assessment.

before the project commenced, the project department organized a special security conference to identify the hazards in the entire construction project, listed the division component projects with a higher risk, prepared special construction plans for each project, and proposed targeted control measures. the project department also prepared emergency plans and conducted emergency drills for each type of work injury that could occur.

the project department compiled special civilized construction plans based on the characteristics of each construction phase, and carried out special weekly civilized construction inspections, ensuring that the construction was implemented according to the plan with no deviations. it has also worked diligently to establish and maintain a high-quality living environment that is clean, tidy, hygienic, and safe. 

relying on the company's party branch and the trade union, the project has actively promoted organizational activities and strengthened the communication with surrounding streets, communities, and related units and departments, thereby creating a harmonious atmosphere.

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