you finally came! thanks for being with us!


the wonderful, fragrant season of april always makes people have wishes, such as choosing a good place, finding a house, setting up a warm home.

on april 27th, the long-awaited sanxiang impression real estate project zhangjiang sanxiang curio finally went on sale, to the satisfaction of many people who have admired the curio and finally have the opportunity to buy it. they had really been waiting a long time for this moment.

finally on sale

at 9 o'clock in the morning, zhangjiang sanxiang curio officially went on sale by lottery. everyone has been hoping to get the top numbers and to get the floor and house type they want. the purchasers appear a bit nervous, but the well-ordered atmosphere of the scene has eased some anxiety. everyone is concentrated on the lottery big screen.

the lottery process strictly complied with the requirements and principles of openness, transparency, and standardization, and the lottery was performed by the certifying staff.

in the afternoon, at the time of house selection, the buyers came in and sat down. the person with the top numbers looked very happy and looked from time to time to the house selection area. the people sitting next to each other whispered to each other and made exchanges. the host announced the numbers according to lottery results, and the purchasers entered the house selection area. soon, the houses on the sales control list were sold off one by one. people who successfully in buying the houses couldn’t wait to call their family members to inform them of the good news; one great event in life had been settled. the owners expressed their joyful feelings. they all felt very lucky, because they had waited for these houses for a long time and finally this day had come!

the on-site staff were professional, serious, and responsible. the entire process was clear, and each step was carried out in an orderly manner, which provided a pleasant and enjoyable purchasing experience for the purchasers and helped result in a successful implementation of this house sale event.

gaining followers with strength, building an example of human settlement

from my perspective, it was not surprising that zhangjiang sanxiang curio was so welcomed. it has received a lot of attention since construction commenced and has attracted many buyers to come and gained countless followers while the model houses were unveiled. the extremely dazzling, extravagant houses, considerate green technologies, high-end german fine decoration, and relaxed community gardens met the inner desires of people who advocated the height of lives. as a result, many people have been waiting for its sale and became the biggest fans of zhangjiang sanxiang curio.

sanxiang had high degree of professional proficiency in building a healthy and comfortable green human settlement and had an excellent reputation both inside and outside the industry. especially with national strong support and advancement for the development of green buildings in recent years, sanxiang’s green building process became more stable and constantly presented outstanding works. the comfort of human settlements kept pace with the times. many projects won numerous awards. taking zhangjiang sanxiang curio as an example, in addition to the certification of the three-star green standards, it also won the 9th shanghai outstanding housing comprehensive gold award, east china region's “best housing award of the year” of the 11th golden housing award, the "magnolia" award of shanghai construction project and other awards, became a well-recognized model of green human settlement, and attracted endless visitors for investigation.

zhangjiang sanxiang curio, the most beautiful scenery was in full bloom, the owners yearning for it has been born, the new life is waiting for you. in april, with joy, thanks for being with us!

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