liaoning’s provincial people's congress and department of housing & urban-rural development in liaoning investigate the zhangjiang sanxiang curio


on april 22nd, the leaders of liaoning’s provincial people's congress and department of housing & urban-rural development in liaoning, accompanied by the energy conservation building materials division of the shanghai municipal housing & urban-rural development management committee, along with the shanghai green building council, investigated the zhangjiang sanxiang curio. liu xiaoyan, general manager of sanxiang impression design management department, and li liqun, assistant to the general manager, welcomed the delegation and introduced in great detail the development of the company's green technology real estate. the guests gave a high evaluation of sanxiang impression's advanced ideas and excellence, standing out among all of its peers.

the mission of the delegation from liaoning province was to understand the planning, construction, promotion, and application of green buildings in shanghai; as well as the use of special funds, the formulation of incentive policies, the creation of standards, the identification of evaluation markers; the evaluation, promotion, and application of green building materials; along with other related work. the zhangjiang sanxiang curio project was an outstanding representative of a quintessential green building in shanghai and was recommended as a key inspection project. during the visit, the guests listened to demonstrations, viewed presentations, and carefully looked at some of the company's core technologies, such as solar energy building integration, air purification systems, intelligent systems, and the green building features of “passive energy-saving technology, active energy-enhancement technology, healthy, smart,” and high-level construction processes. li liqun also gave a special report for the guests, with the title “sanxiang impression's exploration of a green and healthy building,” completely deconstructing the zhangjiang sanxiang curio.


the delegation spoke highly of sanxiang's technical system, construction standard, and technological innovation, unanimously agreeing that all the efforts made by sanxiang are a very valuable point of reference for the investigation. liaoning province also holds a green building exposition every year and has expressed its hope that sanxiang impression could participate in the forum either via a speech or product display, sharing and promoting sanxiang's successful experience. liaoning province also expressed the hope that sanxiang impression will watch the real estate market in liaoning, propagate sanxiang's green ideas, and promote and improve the development and construction levels of other local green buildings.

zhangjiang sanxiang curio 

serving as a modern residential community featuring "green" and "healthy", zhangjiang sanxiang curio has implemented a people-oriented ideology, planned and designed with a high starting point, high standards, and high competency. it has created a healthy ecological settlement with a rational layout, complete functionality, convenient transportation, abundant greenery, convenient life, and cultural connotation. it has fully reflected the ideology of sustainable development, made full use of natural resources and the environment, created a natural ecological habitat, achieved a high degree of integration between a living environment with a natural environment, and established the image of a community with its own personality and characteristics.

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