xiangding company once again honored at the “2017 shanghai practical meritorious competition for housing construction”


recently, shanghai xiangding property co., ltd. of sanxiang impression co., ltd. did very well at the summary and commendation meeting for the 2017 practical meritorious competition for housing construction, with its general manager jin xuhua winning the merit recording award, and the engineering department awarded as “an excellent team”.

xiangding company, which has been contracted to build the chongming sanxiang forestcurio project, constantly promotes and puts into practice sanxiang impression’s development concept of integrating green technology and real estate. with its goal of “carrying out innovative green development in the industry, improving the level of housing guarantees, and reinforcing housing operations and management”, xiangding company pays equal attention to both security and quality, gives full play to its strengths in green technology, overcomes any difficulties that arise, and maintains its positive attitude. it has given a big push to the development of green buildings and prefabricated buildings, injecting them with green genes from within, thinking for the people, putting people first, and creating healthy and safe green-living environments. the project has obtained the three-star green building certification, and has won many awards including the “best engineering application award” at the “maineng cup” international solar building innovative application contest awards, the “annual best villa” award at the 11th golden plate awards in eastern china, and the 10th shanghai gold award for excellent housing, all of which have greatly boosted the project’s reputation and the brand influence of sanxiang impression.

the chongming sanxiang forestcurio developed by xiangding company is located in the binjiang leisure, sport, and ecological core residential zone, in chenjia town, on the eastern beach of chongming island. it is a high-end ecological residential zone created with an ultra-low plot ratio, in which about 15,000 square meters are covered with extensive greenery. with century-old camphor trees, it is a in forested residential area with both solar power systems and other independent advanced technologies integrated into the buildings, creating an ecosphere of green buildings, a water saving system, drainage, and a noise processing system. its double-footed ecological green building concept, dual-dimensional doubled insulation, hundred-year dry-hanging ceramic plates, double-layered glass, and electric sun roller window blinds system have been widely recognized in the market and are very popular with home buyers.

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