sanxiang impression holds the kick-off meeting for the “3.15” event


quality culture has become an important part of the development of sanxiang impression’s corporate culture. the company took the opportunity of the “3.15 world consumer rights day”, to organize various forms of publicity and educational activities, to continuously strengthen and improve the quality awareness of its staff, and to promote the company's overall quality management, achieving excellent results.

on march 15th, the 2018 kick-off meeting for the “3.15” event was held at the zhangjiang--sanxiang curio project, with more than 80 middle and senior-level leaders, and related employees of the company in attendance. zhang tao, the deputy general manager of sanxiang impression, chaired the meeting. 


as three pilot units for the “3.15” event in 2017, xiangjun/xiangsheng company, the construction company, and the marketing management department respectively communicated and reported on the implementation of last year’s activities, sharing their explorations and efforts made to improve quality.

representative zhou fang of xiangjun/ xiangsheng company giving a report

representative yang bin of the marketing management department giving a report

representative ma zhikang of the construction company giving a report

general manager special award

 (quality contribution)

at the meeting, in recognition of the team and individuals who have made positive contributions to the improvement of product quality, the “general manager special award (quality contribution)” was awarded to three companies, including the construction company, the decoration company, and the building materials company, as well as to 20 individuals including ma zhikang. in recent years, sanxiang impression has won nearly all the state-level and city-level awards in the field of building construction, and has become a benchmark for the industry, enjoying an excellent reputation in society.

advanced group award 

advanced individual award

yang yu, the representative of the advanced group of the decoration company, and zhou fuhai, a representative of the advanced individual of the construction company for quality contribution awards, shared their experiences. 

yang yu of the decoration company appeared on stage and gave a speech

zhou fuhai of the construction company appeared on stage and gave a speech 

ceo xu wenzhi of sanxiang impression gave a pep talk, saying that the company carried out the “3.15” event each year to promote the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of craftsmanship, and the pursuit of beauty. he expressed his hope that every employee at sanxiang shall often asked themselves: am i satisfied with my work? are my colleagues and leaders satisfied with me? how do my peers see me? how would my future self look at me today? he asked everyone and every department to make constant efforts to do their best to create better products, with a stronger sense of responsibility.

ceo xu wenzhi of sanxiang impression gave a pep talk

according to the agenda, after the kick-off meeting of the “3.15” event, all the employees of the company will participate in communication and interaction, to provide advice and suggestions for improving the management of the company, working together to improve the company’s stability and long-term progress.

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