big hopes for hangzhou’s forging ahead to a promising future


on march 6, 2018, sanxiang impression’s general manager xu wenzhi, deputy manager huang jian, and general manager assistant wang kuixing, along with huang yuxin, the general manager of sanxiang construction, paid a visit to hangzhou to inspect and give instructions for the project under construction. at the busy construction site, the leaders made careful inquiries into the progress of construction, inspected the quality of the construction, stressed the importance of workplace safety, and affirmed the achievements the hangzhou project made in 2017. at the same time, they expressed their earnest anticipation that in 2018 the hangzhou project company will speed up the construction, while continuing to guarantee safety and quality, so that the first project of sanxiang impression in hangzhou will soon be completed!

in the beginning of the new year, the hangzhou project company convened its kick-off mobilization meeting, with the theme of “retrospect 2017; plan for 2018”. the meeting reviewed the achievements and growth over the last year, and organized the key points for the new year, along with specifying the direction of the company's further improvement in the future.

yuan weidong, manager of the engineering department, said that the engineering department should take guaranteeing the control over the progress of the project as the bottom line. cfo peng weihua combined his work experience in real estate financing, and hoped to further improve the level of capital operation. zhu liang, from the pre-stage department, shared his ideas for the preparation of a pre-stage approval manual, and hoped to continue to learn and improve. the atmosphere of the meeting was warm, and everyone spoke freely and extended their gratitude to the company for providing such a good platform for communication. everyone expressed their mutual appreciation, helped each other, and hoped to work hard to play a positive role in market explorations, and for growing sanxiang impression’s reputation in hangzhou.

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