a blockbuster gift for the new year: sanxiang impression is cooperating with a multinational media giant to begin new cultural tourism.


on february 6, 2018, sanxiang impression co., ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for implementing cultural tourism related investment with weikang jinzhang (shanghai) culture media co., ltd. this is yet another important move sanxiang impression has made, following the signing of strategic cooperation agreements with idg capital and yunfeng capital last year. this strategic cooperation between a chinese and an american ip creates a win-win situation with bright prospects. in the future, it can establish new trends for cultural tourism in the jiangsu, zhejiang, and shanghai regions.

the multinational media giant is optimistic about the chinese cultural tourism market

weikang (shanghai) culture & media co., ltd. has a registered capital of 1.5 billion rmb. and is mainly engaged in the culture & creation tourism industry. the company is an important strategic partner of the viacom group in china, and in august 2017, the company obtained exclusive rights to the viacom group's theme parks and related industries in the jiangsu, zhejiang, and shanghai regions of china. the viacom group is one of the top three multinational media groups in the world and has decades of experience in high-end entertainment. it owns the nick children's tv channel, paramount pictures, mtv, and cbs. it’s internationally renowned companies are the world’s largest entertainment content manufacturing and delivery operators.

weikang jinzhang (shanghai) culture media co., ltd., is the most important strategic partner of the viacom group (america) in china, and is its only authorized dealer in the jiangsu, zhejiang, and shanghai regions. it took full responsibility for the establishment, promotion, and development of viacom in jiangsu, zhejiang and shanghai regions, including the nickelodeon world international tourist resort (including theme parks, theme hotels, theme business, etc.), mtv pop music, and the cultural platform of the animation industry. the company is committed to creating new urban leisure landmarks, to building a new ecology for the animation industry in the jiangsu, zhejiang and shanghai regions, thereby promoting the upgrading of cultural tourism industry in these regions, reconstructing the regional environment, and increasing employment opportunities via cooperation with all levels of government.

sanxiang impression and weikang jinzhang launch win-win cooperation that fuses and promotes mutual development

sanxiang impression’s cultural tourism brand is world-renowned. as the founder and leader of domestic live performances and situational experience dramas, it has a team of famous directors, such as zhang yimou, and has created world-renowned works, including: the g20 summit theatrical performance--enduring memories of hangzhou, china's first landscape real-scene performance--impression on liu sanjie, china's first indoor scene experience drama encore pingyao, china's first drifting multi-dimensional experience drama zhiyinhao, the first silk road landing project for the national “the belt and road” initiative--encore dunhuang, and many others. among them: enduring memories of hangzhou won the special "five-one project" award from the 13th spiritual civilization construction in zhejiang province, impression on liu sanjie was honored as a "chinese cultural industry well-known brand", impression on lijiang won the "1st chinese cultural tourism development contribution award", the album of impression on west lake was nominated for a grammy award, impression on dahongpao was selected as a "cultural industry base in fujian province", impression on wulong was selected as an "intangible cultural heritage transmission base", and encore pingyao was rated as "the most popular cultural tourism scenic spot among cyber citizens".

in the cooperation between sanxiang impression and weikang jinzhang, both parties will vigorously advance their implementation of the following works: the investment and management of excellent tourist performance projects; overall investment in and operation of precious and rare cultural tourism projects; joint integration of cultural tourism projects and tourism performance projects; deep explorations of users' interests; and the strengthening of cooperation between the tourism and real estate industries. in addition, both parties will launch multidimensional cooperation between their owned and legally authorized ips, including high-end performance brands, such as sanxiang’s impression, encore, enduring memories, and return, and weikang’s legally authorized theme park projects, such as the "nickelodeon world project".

in the new year we shall have a new image. sanxiang impression has taken another big step forward on the road of cultural development. with its huge advantages, including a solid foundation in cultural tourism, the strong support of the country's cultural policies, and its powerful pool of resources in all areas, sanxiang impression will definitely paint the industry’s most magnificent picture.

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