sanxiang impression’s first order contract, teng chong volcano signed in the new year


sanxiang impression is off too a great start in realizing first order literary performing arts this year. impression wonders art development co., ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of sanxiang impression, signed the large-scale performance projectteng chong volcano(tentative name) with the beijing xingguang cultural tourism development co., ltd., and the yunnan zongheng travel and cultural development co., ltd. 

building the phoenix international volcano resort integrating volcano cultural performance tourism, international spa vacation, and the relaxation of small town life. enjoy the volcano show and immerse yourself in the unique cultural experience and vacation!

volcano cultural tourism performance   international spa vocation  enjoy the small town life 

teng chong is located in the southwestern part of yunnan, adjacent to myanmar, at the intersection of the eurasian continental plate and the indian continental plate. the plates in this region are active. teng chong volcano is known for its complete range of types, large scale, concentrated distribution, and excellent preservation. teng chong is therefore known as the “natural volcanic geology museum”. on august 3, 2016, the teng chong thermal sea tourism zone in baoshan city, yunnan province, earned approval by the national tourism administration as a grade 5a tourist attraction.



the volcanic reality show teng chong volcano (tentative name) is located at the phoenix international volcanic resort in teng chong. this is the world’s first volcano themed holiday resort, and will be developed as a world-class resort, and as china’s first cultural and tourism project that follows the standards of “international, high-end, and specific”. the project will promote the integration of local tourism, health care, and cultural performing arts, expanding the popularity and reputation of teng chong, and helping with the transformation and upgrading of yunnan’s tourism industry. 

large-scale volcano reality show

introduction to the partner

yunnan zongheng travel and cultural development co., ltd. is a subsidiary of phoenix satellite tv holdings group, a leading global chinese media group. it is committed to the entire industrial chain service for the industry positioning of cultural tourism projects, including development strategy, overall planning, investment operation and financial services. the company has well-known international brand influence and reputation, a wealth of marketing and planning experience, a complete human resources system and solid investment and financing strength.

beijing xingguang cultural tourism development co., ltd. was responsible for undertaking the opening and closing ceremonies of the international large-scale event the beijing olympics games, the apec conference and dream-seeking series, and the international disney project. it has one-stop industrial chain service capacity for the development, production, installation, commissioning, and operation of customized products. 

at present, impression wonders has in total 10 projects being performed, 6 projects recently signed under production, and 9 projects newly signed and publicly performed after acquisition. 

in the future, sanxiang impression will seize the opportunities to promote investment in cultural entertainment or composite tourism destinations, and accelerate the promotion of the collaboratively developing is “cultural real estate” dual main industries. with impression wonders as the entry point, it will build cultural tourism destinations effectively supported by integrated cultural tourism properties, develop a comprehensive culture and tourism ecology, maximize the extension of brand value, and obtain a broader subsistence and development space for areas with excellent geographical locations and high-quality natural and humanistic resources. 

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