yangpu district standing committee member and united front work department minister, cheng xiuming visits and inspects sanxiang impression


on the morning of march 6, yangpu district standing committee member and united front work department minister, cheng xiuming came to sanxiang impression co., ltd. to carry out research activities to understand the operation of the company, ask questions, make requests, and help the enterprise to further develop. 

sanxiang impression ceo xu wenzhi thanked the yangpu district government at all levels for their long-term support of the company’s development. he introduced the development of the company’s cultural performing arts and green real estate business, and talked about his understanding of inheriting excellent cultural and enhancing cultural self-confidence. he said that the cultural brand is a city’s golden signboard, and that shanghai also lacks an influential cultural landmark for a global city of excellence. therefore, shanghai must develop as a global city of excellence and as an international cultural metropolis, and there must be a matching cultural brand. 

minister cheng xiuming introduced the situation of yangpu district. she pointed out that in accelerating the construction of the national city of innovation, the important bearing zones are the shanghai kechuang center, the high-quality international metropolis center, and the national dual innovation demonstration base. yangpu innovation is driving continuous development and incubating new energy. 

minister cheng fully affirmed the stable and sustainable development trends of sanxiang impression. she said that sanxiang impression is a large taxpayer in yangpu district and has made positive contributions to regional economic and social development. in recent years, sanxiang impression has extended into the cultural industry of shanghai. within the context of constructing a global city of excellence, and under the strong guidance of the 50 articles for shanghais cultural innovation, there is much work to be done telling chinese stories and shanghai stories well. 

she pointed out:

she hopes sanxiang impression will continue exerting its leading industrial advantages, and actively serve shanghai’s economic and social development; 

she hopes sanxiang impression will effectively integrate resources to innovatively explore the inherited historical context, and quicken the construction of shanghai’s cultural brand;

she hopes sanxiang impression will continue to set an example for promoting the development of social responsibility; 

yangpu district will provide a guarantee for the development of enterprises, optimize the business environment, and help enterprises to achieve more effective development.


minister cheng also further learned about the company’s party building work, and introduced the united front work mechanism of yangpu. she expressed her appreciation to ceo xu wenzhi of sanxiang impression for the serious performance of his duties as a deputy of the municipal people’s congress. she hopes that ceo xu will actively participate in the main struggle for economic development, actively provide advice and suggestions, and play a greater role. 

municipal people’s congress representative xu wenzhi focused on how to promote the construction of shanghai’s cultural brand during this year’s two sessions in shanghai and put forward a proposal to build a cultural brand in the binjiang corridor, 45-km of waterfront along the huangpu river.

other peers that accompanied the inspections were xu jin, the deputy minister of the united front work department of yangpu district, chen jinsong, the vice president of shanghai sanxiang investment holdings co., ltd., zhang tao, the deputy general manager of sanxiang impression co., ltd., and chen lei, the assistant general manager. 

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