sanxiang impression warmly congratulates director zhang yimou for the success of "eight minutes of beijing"


the closing ceremony of the winter olympic games in pyeongchang, which was widely watched, brought the games to a close. the "eight minutes of beijing" performance once again impressed the world china’s unique style and achieved great success! sanxiang impression would like to express their highest respect for director zhang yimou, and our warmest congratulations for the success of the performance!

eight minutes of beijing, eight minutes in the world

as expected, following the beijing olympic games opening ceremony, the g20 hang zhou, living poetry, and "2022, meet in beijing", the eight minutes of beijing performance once again made china proud tonight. it was a perfect eight minutes, dazzling the venue with high-tech effects, with our national treasure panda travelling through time, artificial intelligence, and performers with wonderful cooperation and interaction. director zhang yimou perfectly fused the elements to fully present the new era in china in just a few minutes.

director zhang said in an interview that the "eight minutes of beijing" staged at the winter olympics in pyeongchang was completely different from that at athens 14 years ago. the performance showed both chinese culture with a modern style of interpretation, and showed the spirit of contemporary china and its influence, youth, vitality, and passion, showing the world china's impressive image in a new era. 


the world's top cultural "symbol" zhang yimou

“eight minutes of beijing” gave the world a second taste of china's power and charm. with his extraordinary artistic expression, zhang yimou delivers the great beauty of china to all the corners of the world. it can be said that the name zhang yimou has become the world's top "symbol" of culture, and his cultural influence is well known throughout the world.

in addition to a world-class event like the olympics, director zhang yimou has also made outstanding contributions to "live performances" in another cultural field, which has significantly promoted development of real performances.

live performance is a new practice in performance art and an original art variety in the world. the famous chinese directors zhang yimou and others initiated “impression wonders” to create, produce, invest, and manage the performances, which owns “impression”, “youjian”, “zuiyi”, “guilai” and other high-end performance brands. impression liu sanjie, impression lijiang, impression dahongpao, impression wulong, impression west lake, impression putuo, impression guole, youjian pingyao, youjian wutaishan, youjian dunhuang, youjian malacca, hang zhou, living poetry, zhiyinhao and other works have been successfully developed. the large live performance symphonic concert for the g20 summit, hangzhou, living poetry, whose chief director was zhang yimou, was well received by all the national leaders. 

as zhang yimou plays an important role, 
sanxiang impression live performance is worth expecting 

currently, impression wonders has even greater opportunities for development. with great prescience sanxiang impression purchased 100% of impression wonders, and has set up a strategic cooperation relationship with the famous capital firm idg capital, yunfeng fund, to carry out comprehensive and strategic cooperation in culture, tourism, and other relevant fields. moreover, sanxiang impression and weikang jinzhang signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to expand the culture and tourism fields and realize a sino-american culture and tourism ip and win-win co-operation.

facing this favorable environment, and with the strong support of sanxiang impression’s art director zhang yimou, and the robust strength of sanxiang impression, sanxiang impression live performance has opened a whole new chapter, signing contracts for guilai three gorges, shaoshanchong, living poetry, and guilai zunyi · road of the long march. by the end of 2017, two performance projects impression zhenchi (temporary name) and impression tai chi (temporary name) were established. sanxiang impression’s cultural train is moving at full speed. the future holds much to look forward to.

“eight minutes of beijing” displayed the great strength of china. director zhang yimou has once again distilled the essential beauty of china, and culture continues to an increasingly important role in the world. sanxiang impression is deeply aware of this, and will persist in its devotion to creating more excellent works in the future.

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