“with dreams in the front, there is no need to fear the future” sanxiang successfully held its impression 2018 work meeting


on feb. 8 pm, 2018, the 2018 annual work meeting for sanxiang impression co., ltd., “with dreams in the front, there is no need to fear the future ” was solemnly held. the general manager of sanxiang impression co., ltd., mr. xu wenzhi, the vice-president of shanghai sanxiang investment holdings co., ltd., mr. chen jinsong, the general counsel of shanghai sanxiang investment holdings co., ltd., mr. wang qinghua, the deputy general manager of sanxiang impression co., ltd. mr. huang jian, the chief financial officer of sanxiang impression co., ltd., ms. li xiaohong, the deputy general manager of sanxiang impression co., ltd., mr. zhang tao, the deputy general manager & secretary of the board of directors of sanxiang impression co., ltd., mr. xu yu, and other leaders attended the meeting. the deputy general managers and the top leaders from each unit, the advanced collective representatives, all esteemed individuals, with a total of over 150 persons attending the meeting. the meeting was hosted by zhang tao, the deputy general manager of sanxiang impression co., ltd. 

the meeting was simultaneously transmitted to all employees including the yanjiao project, impression wonders, and others via network broadcast.

the general manager of the yanjiao project, li yuanyuan, together with the employees saluted the main venue with their best wishes for the new year.

the general manager of sanxiang impression, mr. xu wenzhi reviewed both the main achievements and shortcomings, and showed his care and affection. for 2018, he has a lot of expectations. he hopes that all employees will "work happily and healthily", that the yanjiao project can soon start sales, that the hangzhou project will be a successful one, and that there will be new breakthroughs in the coordinated development of both sanxiang’s two major industries. he hopes that the company can achieve all these goals in the coming new year...

general manager of sanxiang impression mr. xu wenzhi read aloud the decision on conferring the financial center, awarding wang wei and other units and individuals with the “general manager special prize” to praise their spirit of loyalty to their duty, fearlessness in facing difficulties, and forging ahead with innovation. 

the general counsel of shanghai sanxiang investment holdings co., ltd., mr. wang qinghua read aloud the decision on praising 2017 advanced collective and outstanding individuals. a group of all the senior executives awarded the certificates to the prize winners. 


the representatives of the advanced collective and outstanding individuals came to the stage to share their sincere feelings.

a representative of the outstanding managers was the general manager of hangzhou sanxiang impression, pu jiawei. she especially wore a beautiful red dress, carrying the color’s meaning of auspiciousness, happiness, passion, and fighting spirit! referring to the word "energize" in 2017, she thanked sanxiang for providing the opportunity to stimulate and release the potential of all the employees, so that everyone could change and grow freely. she said that she could only maintain the original place by continuing to run, and that it would be worth it if every day at sanxiang continue to be better and better! don’t waste our youth, and we can look forward to a peaceful and good time! 


 a representative of the outstanding managers was the project manager of property company sanxiang commercial plaza project, ni dongmei 
 a representative of outstanding managers was the deputy supervisor of ursosh company’s r&d department, jia tao


 the representative of the outstanding employees was an hr executive from xiangjun company, yu ye 

the legal department manager of impression wonders company liu li’na 

it is always exciting to draw the lottery prize. everyone held their breath waiting for the leaders to draw. when the prize number appeared on the big screen, the venue was filled with laughter; everyone was happy for each winner.


when the outstanding individual's 100,000 rmb grand prize was announced, the entire hall cheered and everyone gave their blessing.

after the meeting, the company’s leaders and all the winners took a group photo to mark the occasion. 

that night, the company held a dinner party for spring festival, and the atmosphere was very warm and friendly. mr. xu wenzhi, our general manager, gave a toast to sincerely thank everyone for their efforts in the past year, and encouraged everyone to keep up their good work. all the senior executives walked to the table to bless the new year!








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