this field of “serious snow”, brimming with ardent beauty


shanghai is covered with snow is the morning. the trees on the street are a tremulous white, the top of every car sports a thick “white hat”, the footprints on the snowy ground are both deep and shallow, and if you could still hear the crunching sound of boots stepping down... "a timely snow promises a good harvest.” this fine view, intertwined with the chilled weather creates the unique and picturesque “northern scenery” of shanghai. my wechat moments are full of various snow-covered pictures shared by friends. apparently everyone is feeling the freedom of enjoying such a "white feast”.

my buddies at sanxiang impression are no exception; they are sending me snow-covered pictures of many projects one after the other. i cannot help but sigh: covered with snow, the residences of sanxiang are even more beautiful.

["the snow shaped beauty is an auspicious sign greeting the new year"]

the residences of sanxiang are always impressive. with their striking appearance and lush content, they attract many people to stop and settle down. the change of the four seasons is drawn in dreamy colors, with the swirling snow bringing harmony and tranquility. it’s no wonder that all my buddies are rushing to share such a rare and magnificent landscape with everyone.

["the wind mingling with the snow produces northern scenery that strides forward with originality"]

this pure and beautiful snow is rare, but it is accompanied by  chill winter winds. when some people admire the white snow, there is a group of people tackling the snow head on, pushing to ensure the orderly progress of tasks, while still saluting this silver with the spirit of craftsmanship.

in addition to the project under construction in shanghai, there is the sanxiang curio guandi project. all employees and the service team of the project department have stuck to their post despite the snow, providing a guarantee for completing the progress points of the company, and for the safety of foundation pits during festivals.

["serious snow, serious sanxiang people"]

the people at sanxiang are more serious than the falling snow. the frontline builders are “in full swing” on the construction site, and the staff at sanxiang providing property services for the owners are also selflessly fighting on the frontline.

it was snowing heavily yesterday, and the management personnel and employees form each service center of sanxiang property formed a vanguard team sweeping away the snow, arranging the wipers of owners who parked their car outside in an orderly way, and cleaning the corridor for owners returning late.

the team at sanxiang property has organized a snow-cleaning team again to clean the accumulated snow inside and outside the grounds, particularly before the owners go out the next day. it is difficult for the owners to drive in snowy weather, and the service personnel of sanxiang property have taken the initiative to act as putters and guides. their clothes wet with sweat, the cold fog forming drops of water on their hair, the accumulated snow numbing and smearing their shoes and both hands.....this kind of hard work, diligent spirit, and fearlessness in the face of difficulty has earned the deep respect of the owners, who give thumbs up to the sanxiang staff one after the other.

this winter carnival is a “feast of snow”, with passionate praise for life. it is the same joy, experienced in different ways. the people at sanxiang make great efforts, putting such feeling into the little things of this city, and in the end this city is splendid because of these hard-working people.


to the sweetest people, keeping their originality and fighting on the front line,

thumbs up! thumbs up! thumbs up!

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