sanxiang property’s satisfaction assessment is ranked no. 22 in shanghai


according to the "2016 research report on the assessment of public satisfaction in the shanghai residential property management industry", released at the end of 2017 by the shanghai housing and urban-rural development management committee, shanghai sanxiang property services co., ltd. ranked no. 22 among the 1,665 property service enterprises in shanghai, thereby entering the top 30 of the satisfaction assessment for property companies in shanghai for the first time, with a score of 89.41 points for customer satisfaction. this ranking was a significant improvement over last year's ranking of no. 56.


referring to the five-color "window" assessment system for evaluating an industry’s spiritual and civilized construction, the shanghai property management public satisfaction assessment adopted a seven-color assessment system. according to the scores, sanxiang property was once again honored as a "gold medal" service enterprise.

compared with previous years, the number of property companies participating in the satisfaction assessment has increased, and the property industry is focusing more on service quality. therefore, the satisfaction assessment has become an important index to measure the operational quality of enterprises.

sanxiang property continued to achieve excellent results in the satisfaction assessment, even under a situation in which the whole industry was facing heavy burdens and difficult conditions. behind this achievement is the doubled efforts and hard work of all the property staff. they make the city full of warmth and caring.

salute to you! hard-working property staff!

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