《fearlessly facing the future, sanxiang is leading the way in 2018》sanxiang impression’s healthy, green running activity reaches a successful conclusion


we wave goodbye to 2017, along with the joys and sorrows of life, and usher in the great expectations for 2018 with warmth in winter. to kick off the new year, there is a group of buddies in chongming who didn’t stay at home or go shopping, and but who instead went on a trip and participated in a running activity in paradise - a world-class ecological island where you can experience nature for the new year and the future.


some people say that people who love sports have a young and happy heart. running can be a tour of freedom that connects the body and the mind. through running you can enjoy stretching and relaxing amidst the greenery, and feel your warm blood pumping on the field. based on green and healthy life concepts, the chongming sanxiang forest curio held this year’s new year’s eve running activity. sanxiang impression pays tribute to all people who challenge themselves and have a competitive spirit, and supports all people who love life and green, healthy living.

we gathered in the beautiful chongming area of shanghai on new year’s day, january 1, 2018, because we share the same belief - sanxiang impression’s green, healthy running!


contestants, guests and the media arrived at chongming sanxiang forest curio’s experience center at 9: 00 a.m., waiting for the day’s upcoming event.

at the opening ceremony, mr. jin, the general manager for the chongming project, delivered the opening speech. after that, professional cheerleaders performed an energetic dance. with the atmosphere and the stage set, the energetic contestants were ready to go!


with the bang of the starting gun, the excitement of the healthy running activity kicked off under the leadership of the "sanxiang running team" and the "professional lead coach". each participant was confident. on the track, they ran their best, and were full of happiness and excitement. as expected, everyone gave it their all.

every step forward and every steady breath felt like hope trumpeting on the wind. with all the bustle and uproar, the participants could really understand the true meaning of sports, while getting close to nature, and breathing deeply from this natural oxygen bar in chongming, ignited by the passion of life. from the starting line to the finish line, every runner was passionate. along the way, they enjoyed the beautiful scenery while savoring the fun of just running. even the long distance they ran could not diminish their passion.

every runner involved in the new year’s healthy running activity, even when they felt tired during the running, still persisted and carried on. regardless of whether they were still far away from the runner in the first place, everyone still enjoyed themself. they ran further, ran longer, challenged themselves, and constantly strove for their own personal best, which is not only the spirit of the runners, but also the spirit of sanxiang impression.

the thoughtful staff of sanxiang impression set up supply points at the event, providing bowls of stomach-warming soup, energy drinks, fruits, and medical teams, along with a full range of protection for every runner, so that they could all keep moving forward and cross the finish line.

finally, at the stage for the chongming sanxiang forest curio activity, exquisite gifts and medals were prepared for the contestants, encouraging everyone to uphold the spirit of struggle and challenge themselves. the contestants with the top results each successively received certificates, medals, and prizes. a rich selection of prizes were awarded for this green healthy running activity. first prize was a red and black garmin gps outdoor watch. second prize was a beats power beats2 wireless bluetooth headset for sports. third prize was a btif insulated sports cup. the competitors in the event not only fulfilled the challenges they set for themselve, but also had a lot of fun, and the lucky ones even won some big prizes. in the end, the activity ended, leaving everyone with feelings of great joy and happiness.

if this 10-kilometer track is a process by which the contestants could reach their own breakthroughs, then like in long battlefield of life, everyone can surpass and challenge themselves throughout their whole life. during this struggle, families remain the most loyal companions, and family is the forever the “supply station”. chongming sanxiang forest curio organized this “battlefront” for the benefit of everyone’s ideal life, staying true to its mission and always adhering to ecological, green, healthy, scientific and technological concepts. the activity echoed the ideas from sanxiang impression’s original planning philosophy: as a pioneer in the green technology field, sanxiang impression forges a brand new life philosophy that honors nature through patented-grade solar technology, and its many other innovative building systems.

more than life, continuous movement. regardless of any difficulties the future may bring, join with sanxiang impression and lead the way in 2018!

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