sanxiang impression culture develops steadily and "impression?dianchi" and "impression taichi" have been recently signed


impression wonders arts development co., ltd. has placed two successive orders

after the early months of field visits, investigations, negotiations, and the selection of multiple performing arts programs, impression wonders arts development co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd., in one stroke at the end of the year, has finalized two performance projects, impression dianchi and impression tai chi (both tentative names), staying true to its mission and moving steadily forward on its path of accelerating the development of the cultural industry.

recently, the signing ceremony for impression dianchi, a large real landscape performance project, was held in beijing. the signing ceremony was hosted by mr. wang wei, deputy general manager of impression wonders arts development co., ltd., and was attended and witnessed by government leaders from guandu district, kunming city, leaders from state-owned assets investment and operation co., ltd. in guandu district, leaders from yunnan changfeng real estate development co., ltd., mr. xiong xiaoge, global president of idg capital, the general manager of director zhang yimou’ s studio, director ms. pang liwei, related leaders from impression wonders arts development co., ltd., and other esteemed guests.

| impression dianchi (tentative name)

this large real performance project is located on the xinghai peninsula in guandu district, kunming city, yunnan province, and has special humanistic, natural and tourism resource advantages.

with its deep implementation of the major strategy “the belt and road”, yunnan has made a series of significant decisions and arrangements in terms of improving china’s position and role in neighborhood diplomacy, and the structure of its opening to the outside world, providing the world with a now-or-never chance to experience dianchi culture.

the cultural and historical resources of dianchi, a cradle of human civilization, are extremely valuable. it has more than 30,000 years of human history, over 2,400 years of cultural history in central yunnan province, and more than 1,240 years of architectural history. its culture is a unique blend of history, national culture, ecology, buddhism, urban fashion culture, and exotic frontier culture.

furthermore, impression wonders arts development co., ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement for impression tai chi (tentative name). this is a large performance project with the henan province urban and rural construction development co., ltd., which promotes the integration of local tourism, tai chi, and the performing arts, advancing the popularity and development of tai chi culture.

|impression tai chi (tentative name)

"chenjiagou tai chi chuan of wenxian county" is the first domestic intangible cultural product that has been protected by ecological origin. in may of 2006, the state council listed chen-style tai chi chuan among the first batch of “national intangible cultural heritage”. in june of 2007, the chinese folk literature and art association named wenxian county as the "birthplace of china's tai chi chuan" and established a research base for china's tai chi chuan culture. in july of 2007, the chinese wushu association named wen county as "the birthplace of china's martial art tai chi chuan". chenjiagou has become the “holy land of tai chi” for tai chi fans to trace the origins of their lineage. according to the relevant development plans, two major industrial cluster systems for tai chi, and four major medicines in huaiqing will be built in the future, forming a strategy that "takes tai chi culture as the root, takes education and training of taijiquan as the engine, and takes tai chi chuan culture and tourism as the core", striving to create “holy land” for china's tai chi chuan, and one of its most unique and attractive cultural and leisure resort destinations.

culture is a country and nation’s soul. cultural strength is the key to the rise and fall of a country and a nation. without full confidence in our culture, without a rich and prosperous culture, the chinese nation will not be able to rejuvenate itself.

since its transformation to "culture real estate" cross-border operations, and in accordance with the development strategy of "speeding up the development of cultural industry, steadily developing the real estate industry, and promoting the synergistic integration of the two industries", sanxiang impression has expanded the urban route, and introduced cultural tourism performance projects from scenic areas to the city. in addition, it has carried out investment and overall development for cultural tourism commercial complex projects in both first-tier and powerful second-tier cities, creating "new landmarks and new business cards" for their urban culture. furthermore, sanxiang impression strongly focuses on its impression wonders performance projects, and invests in and promotes the overall development of cultural tourism leisure destinations.

in the first half of this year, the travelling version of most memorable is hangzhou was officially launched. zhiyin hao, the first drifting, multi-dimensional experience drama on the yangtze river, was also launched. last year's newly signed project is proceeding smoothly, according to its established plan, and is seeing normal progress.

home coming, three gorges is expected to be performed in public in the second half of 2018. home coming, zunyi is expected to be performed in public during the commemoration of the 82nd anniversary of the victory of the long march in october of 2018. most memorable is shaoshanchong is expected to be performed in public for the 125th birthday anniversary of chairman mao in december 2018. encore malacca is expected to be performed in public in the first half of 2018.

as the art director of impression wonders, zhang yimou participated in the innovation discussions and in the finalization program for the performance projects in person, ensuring that the artistic standards and performance quality of the projects  continuously exceeds that of previous works from impression wonders. in order to keep the performance projects fresh, and to the greatest extent possible attract customers from younger generations, the production team of impression wonders led by zhang yimou vigorously upholds its innovative stance. future projects will be presented in their “2.0 version”. their presentation format will not rely on a "huge-crowd strategy" and their content will not highlight entertainment, but rather it will resonate with the elements and connotation of the local culture. then, these performances provide a different and novel experience to customers by dynamically combining these elements with technology, environmental protection, and ecology.

tell chinese stories well

demonstrate cultural charm

boost regional development

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