sanxiang forest curio wins the national “green building innovation award"


the construction energy conservation and technology division of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development of the prc recently announced the list of projects that won the 2017 national green building innovation award. sanxiang forest curio (phase i) in shanghai, developed by shanghai xiangnan properties co., ltd., a subsidiary of sanxiang impression, won the second prize of the national green building innovation award.

the highest honor for green buildings, ingenuity sharpening perfect products

the "green building innovation award" is recognized by the industry as the highest honor for domestic green building projects. the award recipients are elected every two years. the winners are buildings having an outstanding demonstration effect, having technologies and products with positive effects, and built by organizations and personnel who have made significant contributions to developing green buildings by promoting resource conservation, environmental protection, and the sustainable development of the construction business.

the “green building innovation award” is highly coveted and applying for it is very difficult. first, a company must have independent intellectual property rights, new technologies, new materials, new products, and new processes that are both strongly innovative and have outstanding practical effects.

sanxiang forest curio introduces integrated solar energy technology which has been independently researched and developed by sanxiang into the building. this technology has 6 national patents, and has been put to practical use in several projects, to outstanding effect. in addition, the project has implemented the first indoor air purification system, with the first “anti-haze room” in china, via the application of its unique “fresh air heat recovery gas purification air supply replacement” technology, thoroughly solving the problem of pm2.5 particles and gaseous pollutants in the air.

according to the requirements of the review, an elected project also needs to undergo more than one year of evaluation of its scientific and technological achievements, and must be in accordance with both the green building engineering application requirements and the energy-saving, environmental protection requirements for a product’s production. it must also have high-level technical content, achieving the advanced level of similar domestic projects, with obvious economic, social, and environmental benefit. the successful application of the solar and air purification system in the sanxiang forest curio has played a trend-setting role in the green real estate field, and many houses have begun to incorporate solar power and air purification systems into the product systems.



sanxiang forest curio

sanxiang impression has created a completely healthy, energy-saving, eco-friendly house, via a rigorous production process, which is highly befitting of the themes of the “green building innovation award”, namely, resource conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development. it is a powerful practitioner in green building development, and is “crafting” the field, through the continuous improvement and exploration of its projects, it has formed its own unique “green” system, and winning this award is high praise for its many years of unremitting efforts in creating sanxiang forest curio, a feat difficult to accomplish but not surprised.

green habitats supported by innovative technology,

health, comfort, and safety as the key words

the “green building innovation award” project is not only about building buildings with an efficient use of resources (energy-saving, land-saving, water-saving, and material-saving), and with minimum negative impact on the environment, but is also about providing people with a healthy, comfortable, and safe place to live, work, and perform their activities. today, health and the environment have become the highest priorities of the entire society, and thus, the development of environmentally friendly and healthy green buildings has become even more urgent, forming a strong market demand.

sanxiang forest curio stands out from numerous other projects, a fact which not only embodies the wide recognition the project has received from all sectors of society and the owners, but also acknowledges the company making new achievements and breakthroughs in building healthy, comfortable, and safe residences. obtaining this award is beneficial to the popularization and application of the project’s related technologies, which can help to both effectively promote the development of green building technologies to improve the content of green technology and the overall technical level of the construction industry, resulting in beneficial social, economic, and environmental effects.

in the future, sanxiang impression will continue to adhere to its developmental direction of “green sci-tech real estate”, and will strive to create more boutique buildings with green technology and comfortable living environments.

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