the 19th china international real estate & architectural technology fair (cihaf) “top green buildings in china” sanxiang impression is ranked at #20


the 2017 china green building industrial chain themed summit and the 19th cihaf, hosted by china real estate business, the cihaf organizing committee, and the china green building industrial development league, were recently held in beijing on december 13.

sanxiang impression earned high honors at the summit, ranking in the “top green buildings in china”, and ranking at #20 in the “2016 top 30 most competitive enterprises”. sanxiang impression’s sanxiang curio was honored among the top 10 green projects of cihaf in 2017. moreover, sanxiang impression also came in fourth among the top 10 most innovative green real estate developers.

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cihaf, the full name of which is the china international real estate & architectural technology fair, emerged in 1999 with the residential industrialization of china, and is held once every year. it faithfully records the development process of the chinese real estate industry, can be called a “chronicle” for the development of the chinese real estate industry. it is the largest annual comprehensive exhibition for the real estate industry, and is the most valuable brand. it has been hailed as a “chinese real estate festival” and as the “china housing industry olympics” by the industry.

the “green blossom” of sanxiang impression, manifesting the comprehensive strength of its green technology

the theme of this year’s cihaf was “green blossom”. in the last two years, the real estate industry has reached a consensus on the development of green buildings, and green buildings are flourishing in every location. therefore, the exhibition summarized the experiences in the development of green buildings, held discussions on the future of developing green buildings, and promoted the chinese real estate industry in truly realizing green, healthy, and sustainable development, and in recognizing its great significance.

for many years, sanxiang impression has been marching down the path of green buildings, and through constant exploration and practice, has formed its own technical system for green buildings, passing the tests of the market, and making important contributions to the field of green real estate.  sanxiang impression earned 25th place in the “2016 top 30 most competitive enterprises”, and a ranking in last year’s “top green buildings in china”, in which it has advanced to 20th place this year. the green technology of sanxiang impression is advancing at a rapid pace.

wang kuixing, the assistant general manager of sanxiang impression, introduced the development concepts and process for sanxiang’s green technology during the “exchange of themes” forum of the summit.  from the application of a single green energy-saving technology to the application of multiple technologies, the formation of its own technical system, and the realization of the integrated application of green building technologies, sanxiang impression has completed its evolution from focusing on the application of technical points to total quality.

since it has made green buildings its developmental goal, sanxiang impression spares no effort in vigorously cultivating its green technology. for example, its buildings integrate solar power and fresh air purification systems that have currently achieved mature application in the industry. of these applications, its solar energy and building integration is currently in its fourth generation of products and technology. furthermore, it has an indoor air purification system with an independent intellectual property patent, making sanxiang the first in china to create an “anti-haze room”, systematically solving the problem of pm 2.5 particle and gaseous pollutants in the air, via the application of its “fresh air heat recovery   air purification displacement ventilation” technology.  the air purification technology is in accordance with the increasingly strict environmental requirements for buildings, in terms of being green, offering environmental protection, and coinciding with people’s livelihood. 

sanxiang’s green concepts are implemented from the start of each project’s development. the integration of civil works and decoration are considered in the design phase, green construction is implemented in the construction phase, and in the operation phase allocations are made as needed and energy consumption savings are realized. the final goal is to create a healthy and comfortable living environment. sanxiang curio, which was honored in the 2017 top 10 green projects of cihaf, can be said to be a benchmark that comprehensively displays the green concepts of sanxiang impression, occupying a position that leads the national level for green real estate development. 

with the growing attention of the country and the society concerning green buildings, the solid foundation of sanxiang impression has built in green real estate continues to draw more and more attention. sanxiang impression incorporates a full life circle for buildings into its developmental principles, fully implements the concept of sustainable development, and sets the greenness, health, comfort, and intelligence of its buildings as its highest priority, opening an ever broader path for green real estate development. 

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