[when art meets architecture] shanghai duoyunxuan group visits chongming sanxiang forestcurio


on november 11, zhang xiaoming, the chairman of shanghai duoyunxuan group, sun yuting, the under secretary general of the duoyunxuan friendship association, and their teams visited chongming sanxiang forestcurio together. xu wenzhi, the ceo of sanxiang impression received them, and both parties discussed the combination of art and architecture.

mr. xu wenzhi welcomed the visit of shanghai duoyunxuan group. he not only introduced the development and future of sanxiang’s green science and technology real estate, but also personally lead the guests on a visit of the model room of the garden house which integrates ecology and technology. the visiting guests were all touched by the heavenly natural beauty, dotted with simple and modern buildings, the synergy of internal and external, with imaginative planning and design, as well as fine carved decorations.

during the talks, mr. xu wenzhi and chairman zhang xiaomin jointly discussed the prospects and the promising future of china’s cultural and art industries, and deeply deliberated about how to strengthen cross-industry exchanges, thus promoting the development of traditional chinese culture and art.

when art meets architecture and art encounters life, the most beautiful flowers in the world will bloom. sangxiang is willing to create a new future, hand in hand with artists and investors who share the common pursuits and dreams on the golden road of promoting the heritage of chinese traditional culture, and displaying to the world with confidence.


built in the 26th year of the qing emperor guangxu (1900 ad), since the beginning of last century it has become a famous art gallery on the south side of the yangtze river. together with beijing rongbaizhai, it is known in the industry as “duo in the south and rong in the north”. for more than a hundred years, duoyunxuan has been passed down from generation to generation, and has seized the opportunities available in modern times. currently it has developed into a  time-honored group in china, which integrates the four treasures, miscellaneous antiques and porcelains, painting and calligraphy mounting, art auctions, art exhibitions, art brokering, e-commerce, woodblock watermarking, and art training, etc., thus forming an extremely extensive  layout for the art industry. both its operating income and profits also rank first in  shanghai’s art management industry. 

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