“mr. wind monster” anthony howe is coming! the designer of the torch platform for the rio olympics visits chongming sanxiang forestcurio


on the afternoon of november 10, “mr. wind monster”, the legendary anthony howe, came to chongming to visit the chongming sanxiang forestcurio project, and was accompanied by mr. xu wenzhi, the ceo of sanxiang impression, who showed him the charms of the green science and technology of sanxiang impression. 

walking through the shade of trees and flowers, entering the prototype room, witnessing the exquisite and elegant layout, feeling the convenience of a scientific life, mr. howe continuously showered his praise. he said that the combination of science and nature in the architecture of sanxiang impression is exactly akin to his creations, and that this combination is like artwork and life together.

a wonderful moment

the the sacred fire at the rio olympics amazes the whole world

do you remember the constantly rotating and magnificent shape of the brilliant brazier of holy fire? the major torch platform for the rio olympics was designed by the world-famous power wind sculptor anthony howe, with a diameter of 12m, and a weight of about 2 tons. the torch represents the sun, and the core of the major torch platform was a rotating ring. this elegant and powerful rotating spiral represents life itself.

“art plus science and technology” is gradually become the mainstream in design circles

anthony howe, an american artist, was born in salt lake city in 1954. he started his studies at the tuft school in 1969, and graduated from the historic skowhegan painting and sculpture school at cornell university in 1978. he learned painting and sculpture at the tuft school, and at cornell university’s skowhegan school from 1969 to 1973. he then built a house on top of a mountain in new hampshire in 1979. he painted countryside landscape, and exhibited his works at the “green gallery” in lexington city, massachusetts. 

anthony howe has said of his hometown that the green mountains and agreeable gentle breezes there activate his creative inspiration, and that all his works are generated from the beauty of nature. this beauty imbues all the forms of his self-designed and self-manufactured dynamic sculpture works. these precise wind-powered devices are composed of stainless steel, which after welding will move if a slight breeze blows, just like the blossoming of a gorgeous and brilliant flower. these parts and structures changes easily, and sheet metals also gently rotates in long strips. 


there are many pathfinders here like anthony howe


chongming sanxiang forestcurio

there are many “pathfinders” like anthony howe in the art circles of china, and they add new science and technology elements to modern works of architecture, utilizing wind energy, electric energy, ecological, and solar energy, as well as photoelectric technology, so that the architecture better merges with nature. 

as “the member unit of dgnb”, sanxiang impression has an extraordinary reputation in the field of green, low-carbon architecture. its recent high-profile works, including chongming sanxiang forestcurio, simply act as surveyor's pole for the green, low-carbon community, which is in accordance with germany’s leading standard.  

chongming is an important ecological shield for shanghai. chongming sanxiang forestcurio has an extremely beneficial innate resource: its location is close to the tongtan national natural protection area and wetland park, with its natural resource advantages. it is the key construction project for the “world-class ecological island” forged by chongming. presently the first phase project has already been completed in house delivery, and the second phase will also soon commence.

in order not to exploit such an environment, the project positions a low-storied, low-carbon, low-density community which focuses on showing the idea of “adjusting measures to local conditions”;

architectural angle: big data is used to analyze the wind direction and the sunlight environment, so that the architecture is placed in the best possible location, where the sunlight is sufficient, and the ventilation is adequate. 


landscape greening:it introduced a central core of green area which covers about 150 thousand cubic square meters of forest, with a high greening rate. the area becomes forested oxygen bar for improving the regional climate. landscape boulevards which are only for walking, have a width of about more than 20m and forge the axis of the south-north climate. the entrance architecture uses wooden structural art to express the co-ecology of “you are in mine, and i am in yours” which is formed by the integration of architecture and the landscape.


functional area classification:  activity spaces have been distinguished from functional spaces. the areas with the best landscape and sunlight will be reserved for sport fields.


in contemporary artistic creation, science is increasingly close to art

after visiting, mr. anthony and mr. xu wenzhi walked in the forests of chongming sanxiang forestcurio. mr. anthony said it made him very excited to create after he came to chongming, with its green hills and blue waters, and visited the project of sanxiang forest hysoul. then, he happily drew a self-portrait with his signature, and presented it to mr. xu wenzhi as a gift.   

self-portrait given to xu wenzhi (the ceo of sanxiang impression) by mr. howe.

nowadays, naturalism has become the lifestyle of contemporary elites.

compared to the total floor area, the oxygen content and green coverage rate in the living environment have become the precious “wealth” which is more valuable and praiseworthy. chongming sanxiang forestcurio has ecological green buildings in harmony with the forests and meticulous, german-style details. it is just like the “sculpture with wind power” of anthony howe, occurring at the meeting point between science and technology and artistic creation, and thus providing endless inspiration for architecture and art. 

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