sanxiang impression ceo xu wenzhi accompanies anthony howe on an inspection of yangpu riverside



invited by zhang yimou, the art director of sanxiang impression co., ltd., anthony howe, the main torch platform designer for the opening ceremony at the brazil rio olympic games, was accompanied by mr. xu wenzhi, the ceo of sanxiang impression, and mr. zuo weidong, the chairman of the board of shanghai yangpu riverside investment and development co., ltd., on a visit to yangpu riverside.

as mr. howe walked along yangpu riverside, he was deeply attracted to the old industrial remains and beautiful scenery of pujiang riverside. he also visited the yangpu riverside planning exhibition hall, showing a keen interest in the question of how to build a world-class city waterfront shoreline along yangpu riverside, while still preserving history and introducing innovation. he said yangpu riverside gave him a sense of familiarity and cordiality. he also enjoyed the search for creative inspiration in this kind of old industrial zone, and the use of metal as a creative material.

mr. xu wenzhi introduced the operational development of sanxiang impression to mr. howe, focusing on the efforts and achievements made by sanxiang impression in promoting china's cultural development. both parties discussed the major development opportunities for china's cultural industry, and the prosperous image portrayed by sanxiang impression’s performing arts. mr. howe looks forward to cooperating with sanxiang impression. they will work together in the construction of yangpu riverside.

construction of yangpu riverside 

attracting the world’s attention

yangpu riverside is the longest huangpu river shoreline in shanghai's downtown area, and the birthplace of industry in china and the far east. it is also the only gold development zone in shanghai that keeps ‘four areas’: a national innovation-oriented area, and important staging area and creation center for shanghai’s technology, an active area in shanghai’s central area, together with a double demonstration base.

the transformation and upgrading of the yangpu riverside region will be a classic example of urban renewal in the era of globalization. there will be a collision between history and modern times, with an infusion of science, technology, and culture, shining with international and innovative factors. the construction of yangpu riverside has attracted the interest and attention of a wide range of foreign political and commercial allies.  year after year, sanxiang impression actively participates in yangpu’s economic and social development, with the full expectation and desire to complete version 3.0 of yangpu riverside’s construction.


sanxiang impression

pioneer of china’s excellent culture

culture is the soul of a nation and a country. the stronger the culture is, the stronger the country is. without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity, there can be no great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. during the 19th national congress of the communist party of china, the requirements and expectations for resolute cultural confidence and the building of a cultural powerhouse were put forward. it also pointed out the direction, enhanced confidence, and added vigor to accelerating the operations and development of sanxiang impression’s cultural sector.

since the acquisition of impression wonders arts development co., ltd. in 2016, sanxiang impression has established a development strategy of "speeding up the development of the cultural industry, steadily developing the real estate industry, and promoting the synergistic integration of these two major industries", creating businesses with a dual operating mode of "cultural real estate". the company's main business includes two parts: real estate development and cultural performing arts.

sanxiang impression and impression wonders, whose art director is zhang yimou, is based on the concept of promoting the heritage of china’s excellent traditional culture, and they strategically work to create a brighter future for the culture and tourism industries. currently, director zhang yimou, idg capital, the yunfeng fund, and other domestic and foreign influential investment institutions have become shareholders of sanxiang impression.

impression wonders is the benchmark for production of domestic art performances. with famous directors zhang yimou, wang chaoge, and fan yue serving as the core team of directors, and supported by their strong artistic creativity, four brands of performances series have been launched: "most memorable series", "impression series", "encore series", and "home-coming series", creating china's first landscape show "impression sanjie liu", and china's first indoor scenario drama "encore pingyao". director zhang yimou's directed theatrical performance of "most memorable is hangzhou" at the g20 summit was highly praised by the leaders of various countries. "encore dunhuang" and "encore malacca" directed by director wang chaoge took the stage at the "belt and road" and connected with “national feelings”. director fan yue’s "zhiyin hao" has become a name card for the city of wuhan to express hometown feeling. impression wonders is rooted in the historic culture of china and leaves its audience deeply touched. its annual number of audience members exceeds 5.3 million, and its annual ticket revenue reaches about 1.1 billion yuan. it has become an important medium for "telling chinese stories well, displaying cultural charm, and boosting economic development".


sanxiang impression

practitioner of socialist core values

from a real estate company to a listed company on a large scale, from the frontier of green technology in real estate to the new stage of the double linkage in the development of culture and real estate, sanxiang impression has never forgotten its beginnings, and over the past 20 years has always kept its mission in mind. it stays innovative while operating in accordance with the law. it not only strengthens its business, but also makes positive contributions to social development and regional finance.

from 2011 to the end of september 2017, the company paid a total of 2.549 billion yuan in tax revenue, nearly 0.7 billion yuan of which was taxed in 2016. shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was one of the top 100 tax-paying enterprises, ranking the 49th in the 2012 top 100 taxed enterprise groups.

the company forms a complete industrial chain for real estate business. the expansion of the cultural map is also gaining momentum. industrial development provides a large number of jobs to communities, providing about a thousand employees with social stability and harmony.

company ceo xu wenzhi has served as the 13th, 14th, and 15th npc deputy for yangpu district, and was elected as a member of the 14th cppcc standing committee in yangpu district this year. he deeply bears the weight of the words "do not forget your beginnings".

he has stated that, adhering to the mission of "promoting outstanding traditional culture, leading green technology real estate, and boosting regional economic development", sanxiang impression will make every effort to create influential cultural projects of the highest quality. these projects will tell chinese stories well, demonstrate the cultural self-confidence of the chinese nation, and at the same time, resolutely carry out the spirit of "houses are for living not for investment". it insists on positioning itself at the forefront of green technology, while building solid real estate that allows the public to affordably buy housing, while living well in their new home.

"the major contradiction in our society has been transformed into the contradiction between the ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced development." to solve these contradictions, we must speed up the development of cultural careers and cultural industries. the company aims to provide pluralistic cultural products that meet the cultural needs of the public. in may 2017, sanxiang impression signed a strategic cooperation agreement with idg capital and the yunfeng fund to integrate cultural resources with the capital market.

sanxiang impression that has embarked on a cultural journey,

it is full of vitality and unafraid of the future!


anthony howe, an american artist, was born in salt lake city in 1954 and began studying at taft school in 1969. he graduated from the historic skoghijkan painting and sculpture institute at cornell university in 1978.

power sculpture has been built since 1989. the original work used abandoned elevator cables to hang several small power sculptures (an early experiment) between buildings. the design of the main torch platform at the rio olympic opening ceremony caused a sensation.

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